TNA Impact Results (4/22/05) - Orlando, Florida

TNA Impact Results
Taped in Orlando, Florida
April 22nd, 2005
Reported by: The Worm, Impact reporter

I apologize for the lateness of this report, but the past couple days haven't been good for me. I will usually try to have the report posted after the show is over or it'll be posted by Sunday at the latest.

Friday's edition of Impact was the last one before the Lockdown PPV, and seeing as how Lockdown is the first ever wrestling PPV to feature every match inside a steel cage, I'll be interested to see how it turns out in comparison to TNA's past efforts.

Impact opens by recapping Shane Douglas interviewing Jeff Hardy & AJ Styles about their match with Abyss & Raven, which will happen this week. After the interview, Raven clocks Jeff over the head with a trash can. AJ Styles checks on his partner and then the opening credits roll.

Jerking the curtain is Lex Lovett, David Young, and Buck Quartermain and they will be taking on 3 Live Kru.

Match #1 (Six Man Tag)

Lex Lovett, David Young, & Buck Quartermain vs. 3 Live Kru

K-Dawg gets on the mic first to hype up the crowd and then it's BG James's turn as he sings a DMX song and then does the TNA version of the "Ladies and Gentlemen... speech" that he used to do in the WWE.

It's Konnan and Lex Lovett starting this match first. They lock up and Konnan wrenches Lovett's arm. Konnan whips Lovett into a corner and then rips off his shoe and throws it at him. Quartermain tries to get involved, but Konnan tosses his other shoe at him before tagging in The Truth. Lovett tags in David Young. As the ref deals with Quartermain & Lovett, 3 Live Kru triple team David Young.

BG James gets tagged in and as he's distracted by Quartermain and Lovett, Young delivers a spinebuster before tagging in Buck Quartermain. Quartermain takes it to BG James and allows his team to get in a cheap shot before tagging in Lovett.

Lovett snapmares BG James and puts him in a rear chinlock. Quartermain then picks him up and clubs on his back before tagging in David Young. David Young gets in some offense of his own before tagging in Buck Quartermain again. BG James gets a roll going, but then it's cut short as the two competitors knock each other down at the same time.

Quartermain gets up, but BG James rolls him up. Quartermain kicks out and he then clotheslines BG James. Quartermain tags in Lovett and they double team BG James until BG James fires off a double clothesline. James tries to get to his partner, but Quartermain grabs his leg. James kicks him off and tags in The Truth.

The Truth cleans house as he hits a spinning elbow on David Young and tosses Lovett out of the ring. The Truth wins this match as he finishes David Young off with the Scissors Kick.

Winner: 3 Live Kru (Ron "The Truth" Killings, Konnan, and BG James)

Commercial Break

We then get a recap of the top 5 greatest cage match moments. #5 being Chase Stevens doing a moonsault off the top of the cage.

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Back to Impact, we see a clip from last Saturday when TNA wrestlers appeared at the Sola Morales Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico. There, Jeff Jarrett defended his title. Appearances were also made by Abyss & America's Most Wanted, who defended their tag titles against Team Canada.

Another Top 5 Steel Cage moment. #4 is the Tower of Doom suplex from Turning Point 2004.

We're at the announce table and Mike Tenay and his buddy Don West continue to hype the Lockdown PPV. We then see a clip of Christopher Daniels hyping his X Division championship match at Lockdown where he'll be defending it against Elix Skipper.

#3 top cage moment is America's Most Wanted's Death Sentence off the top.

At the announce table, Dustin Rhodes has joined the team and the announcers wish to hear his thoughts about his match with Bobby Roode. However, before he can speak, Bobby Roode assaults him with a steel chair. The security team breaks it up, and then we see America's Most Wanted arrive on the scene, but they're too late to save their friend. The security team help Dustin Rhodes to the back, but he collapses as they start their way back.

Match #2 (Tag)

The Naturals (w/ Chris Candido & Lawyer Daggett) vs. America's Most Wanted

AMW go after The Naturals on the outside of the ring and after they deal with them, they set their sights on Chris Candido, who is in a wheelchair. The ref tries to get Chris Harris to back off, and he does so. AMW turn their sights back on the Naturals and AMW continues to give them one hell of a beating.

Chris Harris drops Andy Douglas on the barrier and then later on delivers a bulldog to him on the ramp. They're still fighting on the outside and the Naturals has yet to gain the upper hand. Chris Harris finally tosses Andy Douglas back into the ring and AMW begins to double team him as we go to commercial.

Commercial Break

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Back on Impact, Chris Candido is in his wheelchair looking on. We see that Chase Stevens is in control of James Storm as he delivers a guillotine in the ropes and then tags in Andy Douglas to do a double team. Andy Douglas reverses a whip and catches James Storm in an ab stretch. Storm hip tosses out of it and then as Douglas charges, Storm connects with a power slam.

Storm tags in Harris and stops Douglas from tagging in his partner. Harris whips Douglas, but Douglas kicks him in the chest and tags in Chase Stevens. Stevens goes up, but gets tossed off and Harris begins to clean house with both Naturals. Harris delivers a running powerslam to Stevens, but Douglas breaks up the ensuing pin attempt.

The end comes when AMW signal for the Death Sentence, but it gets interrupted by Andy Douglas. Chris Candido gets out of his wheelchair and as Chris Harris attempts the Catatonic, Candido gets into the ring as the ref is distracted and clotheslines him with his cast.

Winner: The Naturals

Commercial Break

#2 top cage moment is Jeff Hardy missing the Swanton from the top.

The announcers continue to hype the Lockdown PPV. We then see a video recapping the moment when Dusty Rhodes names a Lethal Lockdown match at the PPV and then explains the rules for the match. We then see the events leading up to the six man tag match between DDP, Sean Waltman, and Kevin Nash vs. Jeff Jarrett, The Outlaw, and Monty Brown.

Commercial Break

Main Event (Tag)

Abyss & Raven vs. Jeff Hardy & AJ Styles

Interesting note: As Jeff Hardy comes out to the ring, he takes to the turnbuckle and flashes the V1 sign.

It's Raven & Jeff Hardy in the ring first, but Raven wants nothing to do with Jeff, so he tags in Abyss. Abyss overpowers Jeff Hardy. Hardy gains the upper hand as he ducks a clothesline and he tries for a couple of forearms, but Abyss delivers a big boot. He tries to follow it up with a leg drop, but it misses. AJ Styles gets tagged in as Jeff Hardy does a leg drop on Abyss's crotch and AJ Styles follows it up with a knee drop on Abyss's head.

AJ Styles punches Abyss as he backs into the ropes and then clotheslines him over the top. Raven comes into the ring and as he gets whipped, AJ meets him halfway with a dropkick. AJ punches away at Raven until Raven gets backed into a corner and then AJ chops away at him. Raven continues to be whipped every which way until he is near his corner. Raven falls into the middle rope and AJ does a springboard guillotine leg drop to the outside. He tries to go for another springboard into the ring, but Abyss knocks him off the rope.

Back in the ring, Abyss tosses AJ into a corner and then delivers an avalanche. Abyss picks up AJ and then punches him to knock him back down. Raven gets tagged in and he whips AJ sternum first into the turnbuckle and follows it with a clothesline. Raven goes for a pin, but AJ kicks out. Raven picks up AJ, but he rolls Raven into an inside cradle. Raven kicks out and clotheslines AJ. Abyss gets tagged in and they double team AJ Styles.

Abyss clubs down on AJ's back and then picks up to punch him in the head. Abyss pins AJ Styles, but AJ kicks out. Abyss chokes AJ Styles as we go to commercial.

Commercial Break

Abyss is tweaking AJ's neck and then AJ begins to fight back, however, Abyss catches him with a flapjack. Abyss goes for a pin, but AJ kicks out as Jeff enters the ring. Raven gets tagged in and he scrapes his boot across AJ's face as he sits in the corner before tagging Abyss back in.

Abyss chokes AJ with his boot as Raven sets up a table on the outside. Abyss picks AJ up for a Razor's Edge-like move to send AJ into the table, but AJ gets out of it and kicks Abyss in the head to knock him down. Raven gets into the ring as AJ tries for a tag, but Jeff was knocked off the apron earlier.

Jeff gets back up and AJ makes the hot tag. Jeff cleans house as he delivers a jawbreaker to Raven and AJ does the Poetry in Motion (w/ Jeff acting as the springboard) to Abyss on the outside, only to be caught and sent into the ringpost.

Jeff is pounding away at Raven until Abyss enters the ring and inadvertently clotheslines Raven. Jeff sends Abyss out and then delivers the Twist of Fate to Raven. Jeff goes for a pin, but Abyss breaks it up.

Jeff begins to fight back, but Abyss reverses a whip. Jeff kicks Abyss in the chest and then bounces off the ropes, only to be caught in the Black Hole Slam. AJ breaks up the pin with a springboard dive. AJ sets Abyss up for the Styles Clash, but Raven dropkicks him.

Raven clubs Jeff on the back as Abyss grabs his chain, but as he goes to bounce off the ropes to hit Jeff, AJ gets in the way to take the blow and the ref calls for the bell.

Winners by DQ: AJ Styles & Jeff Hardy

Post-match, Raven delivers the Evenflow DDT to Jeff Hardy as Abyss heads to the outside to grab a steel chair. He squeezes it in between the top two ropes and he then takes his chain and whips AJ Styles with it. Raven sends Jeff Hardy through the middle rope and crashing through the table. Abyss wraps the chain around AJ Styles' neck and from the outside, he sends him plowing into the steel chair.

Security enter the ring to check on AJ Styles as well as Jeff Hardy. The EMTs try to get AJ Styles onto a stretcher, but Abyss comes back and the two men begin to fight as Abyss tries to choke him and AJ begins to hit him with some forearms as the show comes to a close.


How was that for an Impact report? I've done Impact reports before, but never on a regular basis like I'm trying to start doing now. It'll be harder for me to make a complete report this time around (and that's not to say my RAW reports were complete) as most times the matches are fast paced and it's hard to keep up. I like TNA and everything, but I've heard that they no longer have a financial backer and I would like to know where they're getting the money to continue paying the talent they have as well as continuing to come up with their next PPV. I would like to see TNA become a major player some day, but first they need to get their finances in order before bankruptcy claims them and they're put out of business before they've even had a chance to grow and hit their stride.

I know most of the wrestlers already as well as their finishers (most of TNA's talent used to be in the WWE at one point or another), but there still a few I don't know just yet and it'll take me a little while to learn those.

I'll post the Lockdown results tonight as makes them available (I won't be watching the PPV tonight and I don't know if I'll watch any TNA PPVs just yet).

I want to apologize for the inconvenience I've caused by deciding to no longer do the RAW reports, but most of the people who have contacted me have supported my decision in quitting. The WWE is in a sad state of affairs these days and I don't think they'll ever come to their senses and make things right. If the WWE were to rehire Matt Hardy or something along those lines, I may consider going back to doing the RAW report, but until then, I'll stick to watching Impact every week.

For those who aren't aware, Impact is on every Friday on Fox Sports at 4 PM Eastern. It may be different in other areas, so check your local listings for details. It's an excellent alternative to the WWE and you'll love the no holds barred, fast-paced action that TNA has to offer.

I'm sure you've had enough of my rambling for one day, so I'll see you again next Friday!