WWE House Show Results (4/21/05) - Dublin, Ireland

Results from 21/4/05 Dublin, Ireland
Written up by Dublin Calling, rajah.com reader

First of all, Teddy Long comes out to greet the eager Irish fans. Nice pop for Teddy
and the crowd hangs on every word. Then things started to go wrong as Teddy?s mike
started to cut. Suddenly tag matches were sounding like handicap matches and what
not but it didn?t phase him. Teddy ends with telling Brian Hebner despite his
drunkenness, he better call the opening match down the middle. (First of a few pokes
at an apparent drunk Hebner in Ireland?)

Fatal Four Way for the Cruiserweight Title
Paul London ? Vs Chavo Guerrero Vs. Spike Dudley Vs Billy Kidman

Each comes out to a huge ovation as the crowd is really pumped. London is last out
and upon entering the ring Kidman grabs the title and poses for some cheap heat. Ref
grabs the title and match underway. London double teamed for the most part by Spike
and Kidman as Chavo looks on from ringside saving his energy. Nice match to open
with if not a little short. All the usual spots hit including a Dudley dog, chavos
train wreck back breaker and Kidman missing the shooting star. Finish comes with
London hitting the 450 splash on Kidman. London poses with the title for the cord
whilst the others go to the back in dismay.

Winner-Paul London

Mixed Tag Match
Carlito and Dawn Marie Vs Mark Jindrak and Torrie Wilson

Carlito comes out first to cut a promo first. Big pop for him. Carlito toys with the
crowd before completely dissing Ireland. He spots some guys in the front row dressed
up as him and tells them ?they?re not cool?. Some funny stuff. The rest of the
competitors make their way down and match underway. Usual stuff seen here. Funny
mannerisms from Carlito on the ring apron. Carlito corners Torrie at one point
threatening to spit apple on her. Low blow sends Carlito to the floor with apple
juice hitting the ring. Hot tag to Jindrak and he cleans house. Nice left hands and
really high back body drop on Carlito. Nice spring board clothesline from Jindrak.
Finish comes with Carlito winning with his feet on the ropes. Messy finish. Carlito
needs a finisher and Jindrak should bring back the Mark of Excellence. Crowd pops
for Torrie raising Jindraks arm in the air.

Winner-Carlito and Dawn Marie

Booker T Vs Rene Dupree

Rene out to many and I mean may Ireland chants. He?s not happy and challenges
someone in the crowd to a fight. Out comes Booker to a HUGE pop. Booker toys with
Rene showing experience over the green rookie. Sends him to the outside many times
frustrating the French Phenom. Many headlocks and submissions slowing down the
match. Booker eventually fights out to win it. Finish comes with an axe kick,
spinaroonie, and scissor kick.

Winner-Booker T

Undertaker Vs Heidenreich

I used to hate Heidenreich but he?s slowly growing on me. He was entertaining in
this match. Anyway Heidi out first followed by Taker coming out to a HUGE pop! Heidi
retreats to the outside rocking back and forth on the rail. Funny stuff by Heidi.
Nothing major to point out here. Bit of outside brawling. All of Takers signature
spots hit, apron leg drop, old school, choke slam finishing with a tombstone. So
cool to see the tombstone in person. No poem by Heidi though.


Akio and Shannon Moore Vs Nunzio and Funaki

Crowd weren?t in to this one at all. Why? Because these were put into a match for
the sake of it. All very talented competitors but lacking storylines that make the
crowd care. Funaki repeatedly had to keep the crowd alive for this one. Usual tag
team stuff here. Hoping to see the corkscrew moonsault by Akio but was left
disappointed. Nice Sicilian slice by Nunzio though. Finish comes with Funaki picking
up the win.

Winner- Funaki and Nunzio

Eddie Guerrero/Rey Mysterio/Big Show Vs Kurt Angle/The Basham Brothers

All three faces got huge pops and small pops for Angle. Bashams get ton of heat.
Competitors build up the match first without laying a finger on each other for like
the first ten minutes. Funny moments with constant tagging form the heels to avoid
confrontation with Show. Rey goads Danny in before tagging Show. Danny looking for
the tag to see his team mates hanging by the guard rail. Funny stuff. Some nice
moments here with plenty of teaser 619?s, angle slams and all getting reversed.
Funny segment involving the Bashams starting a fight with each other and then
hugging, Huge heat and ?AAWWWWS!? for that. Quickly followed up by a double wish
bone by Rey and Eddie. Big Show gathers up some crowd support. Man when he stomps on
those steel steps does it echo! Big Show is great in small bursts but never expect
to see him in an iron man match. All the spots follow including 619, Choke slam,
Frog Splash. Finish comes with a frog splash on one of the Bashams.

Winner-Eddie, Rey and Big Show


Candice and Miss Jackie come out to give us some free t-shirts. They run out except
there?s one left?and Miss Jackie is wearing it. Off comes the t-shirt to a nice
response as predicted.

Luther Reigns Vs Scotty 2 Hotty

Scotty out to nice pop to kick the show off once again. Luther then plods down to
the ring. Scotty has something for Luther?.now where is it?.under the apron?no?oh
wait its in Scotty?s pockets?BAM! Finger to Luther! Luther swings wild and misses.
Scotty busts a move?.BAM! Finger again! Luther is pissed. Again crowd didn?t really
care for the build up and it was only the worm that got them interested again.
Scotty nails it only for Luther to kick out. He cant believe it. Luther soon follows
up with the Roll the Dice neck breaker to get the 1-2-3.

Winner-Luther Reigns

Tag Team title match

MNM Vs Hardcore Holly/Charlie Haas

I?d say 80% of the place didn?t know who MNM were. Bland pop for them as Smack down
tapings hadn?t been seen yet. Holly and Haas out to a big pop. Crowd really like
Melina understandably. Mercury with a cheap shot to Holly. Holly grabs the mic and
tells him he?ll show him how it?s done. Hard right sending Mercury to the outside
gets crowd going. Fingers crossed that Hennigan...I mean Blaze?I mean Nitro would
hit the standing shooting star but again no joy. Some nice spots here and Haas
really impressed me on this match. Nice chain wrestling moves. Finish comes with
Holly setting Matthews ?I mean Mercury up for the Alabama Slam only to be kicked by
Nitro rolling into a roll up.

Winners and Still champions-MNM

Note-As holly was leaving I shouted Spark Plug at him and he looked me dead in the
eye and shook my hand. What a guy!

Main Event for the Heavy Weight Championship

JBL with Orlando Jordan Vs John Cena

JBL comes out to a very mixed reaction. JBL throws out the insults telling us our
women are ugly, rugby is gay and England is a much better place to be. Lot of cheap
heat right there. JBL demands Teddy come out and make him the rightful owner of the
belt. Teddy comes out and says were going to have a replay of wrestle mania with JBL
taking on Cena tonight for the title. Cena then comes out sporting that terrible new
version of the title. Much better than their Wrestle mania encounter. Much more
chemistry going on and overall an enjoyable match. I?m not a fan of Cena or JBL that
much but both put on an entertaining match. Cena goes for a ten punch at the
turnbuckle. Crowd only gets to 2 before JBL drills him with a high power bomb. Nice
spots including power slam off the top rope and nice superplex. Again all spots
featured and a teaser clothesline from hell. Finish comes with ref being knocked
down and JBL going for a chair. Cena in the corner sends the chair crashing of JBL?s
head. FU onto the chair! Ref recovers. 1-2-3.

Winner and still champ ? John Cena

Cena then thanks us for coming out and commends us for being fans and what not.

Good show overall. I probably enjoyed Raw last year better because I cared about the
matches a lot more. Creative team needs to write stuff for these guys if they want
to crowd to care, which they didn?t in a lot of these matches. Will I go to the one
in two months time? I dunno?Austin will be there! But theyre had better be a major
overhaul with a roster trade to shake it up in order to make me pay that much again.

Best Pop:
1. Cena
2. Undertaker
3. Eddie/Rey/Big Show
4. Booker T
5. Carlito

Biggest Heat:
1. JBL
2. Rene Dupree
3. Heidnereich