WWE House Show Results (4/23/05) - Newcastle, England

Raw Wrestlemania Revenge, Newcastle, England 23/04/05

Wrestlemania Revenge (RAW)
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Metro radio Arena
Attendance – 10,000

Report by Saint, rajah.com reader

Aside from being my first report, last night’s RAW was my first ever live WWE
show, having been a fan for some 15 years. Needless to say I was not disappointed,
especially with the main event.

I must apologize beforehand, however, that the event was a little badly organised,
and despite the fact we had the second most expensive seats in the arena (in fact we
were the first row behind the premium seating), due to idiots constantly standing on
their chairs throughout the show blocking the view of almost everyone behind, I
missed pretty much anything that happened on the mat or outside of the ring. Also,
due to an ‘administrative mistake,’ we ended up the opposite side of the
entrance in the arena, so anything which took place on the ramp escaped us

Still, we were only 30ft from ringside, so can’t complain too much.

Once the crowd were seated, and the lights went down amid many ‘WOOOOO’s’, the
show began.

La Resistance vs Willam regal and Tajiri

Big, big pops for Regal as he headed down to the ring, and a sound match, with
Tajiri sending the crowd crazy flying all over the place. Regal and Tajiri picked
up the win. We were all still getting warmed up at this point and the chair fiasco
was in full swing, so I missed a lot of it.

‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters vs The Hurricane

Masters talked a little smack on the mic, before challenging anyone out back to
break his Masterlock. A few quiet moments were followed by…. The Hurricane!
Big pops for The Hurricane, and decent heat for Masters. A good match, with a fair
bit of high flying courtesy of The Hurricane, ultimately won by Masters with the
Masterlock. We were almost successful with our ‘it’s just a full nelson’
chants, sadly it didn’t come to pass. Good opener, Chris Masters is one BIG guy
in person.

WINNER : ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters

Victoria vs Christy Hemme (w/coach as special referee)

The Coach came to the ring and announced a few matches on the card, before declaring
himself as the special referee for the next match, ripping off his shirt to reveal
the usual ref attire. There was a cameraman in the ring for this one, so maybe it
will make the highlights.
It was a tough match to see, as every guy in the arena was standing, holding their
cameras over their heads, but it was fairly good, with Hemme looking impressive.
Coach feigned an arm injury every time Hemme went for the pin, resulting in her
kicking him in the nuts and sending him to the mat, at which point another ref
jumped in and counted 1-2-3 for the win.

WINNER – Christy Hemme.

Viscera vs Val Venis

Let me tell you that Viscera is one BIG dude. He dominated a lot of the match, and
there were a few kicks to the face which sent spitballs in all directions, and
looked damn painful. Viscera picked up the win with his finisher. Afterwards,
Venis lay unconscious for a while, before getting up to some good cheers from the
Very entertaining match, much better than it seems on paper.

WINER - Viscera

Tyson Tomko vs Jericho

Jericho is great. We were out of the ring for a little of this one, so I didn’t
see much of the action, but Jericho picked up the win, finishing with a little time
on the mic to assure us he’d be back, and firmly announce that ‘Newcastle is
Class act, with Y2J chants all the way through.

WINNER – Chris Jercho

The crowd are pretty hot now, ready for some real action.

Muhammed Hassan w/Daivari vs Kane

Muhammed Hassan came to the ring and took the mic. He talked junk for a while,
dissing us and talking about respect. There was great heat all the way through,
with the crowd well into this one. One guy had a ‘Hassan is King’ sign, which
he was walking up the aisle to the barrier and down again with, generating a lot of
boos. It was a lot of fun, and one probably the best moment so far, so well done
that man.

Next, out came KANE. I have to admit I rushed to ringside for this one, as I had to
see this guy in person. WOW. He is an immense human being, and one hell of a sight.

Kane pretty much wiped the floor with Hassan, before they double teamed him, ending
up with a quality double chokeslam. No pyro to finish, but it was great, everybody
loved the Big Red Machine, and he left to some big cheers.


Next came the interval, and I was psyched. Unfortunately, around three entire rows
of people behind us had left at that point, forming a queue outside of the managers
office in the foyer to complain about the poor seats. A couple of my buddies left
as well, and one walked out, never to come back, so I guess he’d had enough.

Lilian Garcia threw out some free t-shirts, which we didn’t see a single one of
(weak throw I guess) and gave us the standard buy our merchandise speech.

Shelton Benjamin vs Christian.

Christian is awesome, fact. I have never really appreciated the guy before now, but
to see him in person, and the way he entertained the crowd throughout the match,
turned me into a fan.
The high spot of this one was undoubtedly when Shelton banged Christian’s head off
the turnnbuckle twenty times (we all counted!), and Christian then proceeded to
stumble around the ring, nodding his head as if still being slammed off the corner,
much to everyone’s amusement.
Christian went for the unprettier, which Shelton avoided somehow (couldn’t really
see) and got the pin with his finisher.
Tomko as hovering around outside throughout this one, but was sent to the back
around midway, much to the delight of the crowd.
It was a lot of fun, with Christian giving us the finger and generally making
signals at the crowd.


Edge vs Chris Benoit

At ringside for this one, to see the entrances. As Benoit’s Music hit, you could
hear people going ‘Oooohhh yes’ as he made his way to the ring. Benoit
acknowledged the crowd a little, and seemed pretty short from where I was standing,
but is packed with muscle.
Good match, Benoit went for the top rope at one point, and bafflingly everybody
stood up, so I have no idea if it connected, but what the hell we cheered anyway.
Benoit went for the Crossface a few times, and we attempted to get a ‘tap!’
chant going, but as it was on the mat we have no idea what was happening really.
Edge picked up the win with a spear.
There wasn’t any Matt Hardy heat for Edge, but there was an attempted ‘please
don’t sleep with my girlfriend,’ shout at one point, much to our amusement.


Triple H & Ric Flair vs Shawn Michaels & Batista

You better damn well believe I was right at ringside for this one. And would you
believe it, some kid help up a sign right in my field of vision, so I missed a ton
of stuff.

Ric Flair came to the ring first, and we were loving it. ‘WWWOOooooo’ was all
we’d been hearing all night long, and it was time to hear it from the master.
There was way too much respect for the guy in the arena to boo him. Triple H
followed, and man what a sight. Actually seeing him on the apron, spitting water
into the air, was just awesome. Both HHH and Flair really acknowledged the crowd,
always looking at us and making comments. It was great. One guy who was perched
precariously on the back of the seats announced to us that ‘he couldn’t wait for
Ric to look at him,’ followed by a meagre ‘Riiiicccccc,’ scream. Quite funny.

Then it was time for HBK. And I couldn’t see a damn thing of his entrance apart
from the pyro. He walked around for a while, before Batista’s music hit. BLAM.
There he was, and I assure you Batista is one HUGE mofo. He was all smiles and
playing up to the crowd, which we all appreciated.

Triple H took the mic, and called us all limey bastards. It was so casual that we
had to laugh. The Ric took the mic, and talked about bitchslapping Michaels, which
was very funny. Bit tough to hear him though.

The match got underway with Michaels roughing Flair up a little. He tagged in HHH,
and the next ten minutes of the match were spent with Michaels and HHH playing to
the crowd, asking if we wanted Batista tagged in. As one of our party commented
‘this is the longest wrestling match I have ever seen without any wrestling.’

Bah, who cares, it was great. Michaels finally decided to stay in the ring, only to
trot over to Batista and tag him in as HHH was about to grapple with him. Batista
came in and kicked some ass, and then Flair was brought in. They attempted to
double team Batista in the corner, but he fought free and sent them both to the

What happened next was superb. Batista no sold every one of Ric’s chops, dropping
to the ground and springing back up unphased. The crowd were laughing like crazy
and Batista was obviously having a great time. I can’t be sure what happened
then, but HHH and Flair ended up with their pants down, showing some bare ass. And
to make matter worse, Flair went to the top turnbuckle in front of us, shorts still
down, and got thrown to the mat. I think we could all have done without seeing

Batista ended up getting the win, and spent a LONG time celebrating. When he
climbed to the top rope on the side closest to us, I jumped onto my chair and shoved
my arms up into the air, cheering at him. I was the only one in our area who was
up, as most of the rest had left, so I was a felt a bit of a fool at first. But he
then looked over and raised his arms, and it was a very cool moment indeed. I just
wish I had have thought of something better to do.

That made my night, and he stuck around for three or four repetitions of his music,
and I went down to ringside again to see him walk around the outside. He celebrated
with a few kids who were there, and overall came across really well. He finally
returned to the ring with the English flag, and fell to the ground, loving the

What a night, it started off pretty badly and we almost got into a few fights, but
the second half of the show made us forget all about it. Outstanding. It’s
difficult to explain how it feels seeing these guys in real life after having been a
fan for so long. It was just amazing, and being barely ten feet away at times from
the likes of Ric Flair and HHH was incredible.

It is a real shame the event was so disorganised where we were seated, and a lot of
little kids went home disappointed because they couldn’t see a damn thing. But on
the bright side, I am already planning to get myself to the next event here in the
UK, wherever it may be. I’m even more of fan after seeing the whole thing live,
and I have found a new respect for a lot of guys I couldn’t have cared less about

Finally, I would like to give special props to Ric Flar. On the way to the arena,
during and after the show all you could hear was ‘WOOOOoooooo.’ The man is a
legend, and love him or hate him he entertains the crowd, and has a lot of respect.

Biggest pops: (although nobody was really booed, we were so glad to see them!)

William regal

Hassan & Daivari
The guy holding the Hassan is King sign
La Resistance

Thanks to all the RAW guys who turned up, and made a real effort to give us our
money's worth.
Until next time! - Saint.