WWE RAW *Spoilers* (4/25/05) - Birmingham, England

Report by: Ollie Payne, rajah.com reader


The crowd erupted when the music played. We all stood up and made lots of
noise. The cameras went over and we all cheered.

Batista's music hit. The crowd went wild! He acknowledged our presence and
85 - 90% of the people were on their feet in a standing ovation. He set off
the fireworks unexpectedly. Everyone jumped, it was very loud and it nearlyt
gave everybody a heart attack. Batista got in the ring and graabed a mic. He
said that he was out to honour someone who it had took a two decade career
to accomplish in what only took Batista two years to accomplish. He
introduced us to Good Ol' JR. A Standing ovation for Ross. Lots of J.R.
chants. Batista came out and said that he was proud of J.R. and were too.
Triple H interrupted, to the biggest heat of the entire night. He called us
all 'Sheep shaggers'. He got some huge heat and the 'Ass hole' chant. He
told us all to shut up and called last week a fluke. Batista told him to
shut his damn mouth 'cos J.R beat him! Batista rolled the footage of J.R
pinning Triple H. The crowd went along with the count and we all laughed at
Triple H. He got really mad and we started the 'Ass hole' chants again.
Batista rolled the footage again and we all counted again. Triple H dropped
the mic and started to undo his shirt, Batista did the same. Triple H walked
down the ramp, he pussied out and started walking back up it again. We
started the "Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey! Hey! Hey!, Goodbye!" chants.

Christian dissed Triple H backstage. Ric Flair entered the locker room.
Tyson Tomko escorted Flair out of his locker room.

There were several Trish/Viscera segments in the night. All of them were
funny. Trish ordered 'Bangers and Mash' in a very piss take - English voice.
She got booed.

Christian came out to a huge pop and said that If he was drafted to
SmackDown! next month then he would beat the Vanilla Ice rip off WWE
Champion. He mentioned that tonight was his night to shine. He said that he
was a very intelligent Canadian and were stupid English. He draw a little
heat for this but I didn't boo him, not 'cos he's right because, I like
Christian. He mentioned that if Triple H was traded to SmackDown!, he might
not have any problem beating Michael Cole!

Kane's pyro went off, taking everyone by surprise and causing everyone a
heart attack. He went to the ring. Christian evacuated and Tomko got
chokeslammed for no reason. It was a pretty pointless appearance as he
already has an opponent for Backlash. I think Kane's appearance was just for
impact. Then, Kane set off the pyro in the ring with his arm raising skill.

Y2J entered for his match. The pyro wasn't quite as loud. His opponent was
La Resistance's Sylvain Grenier. Rob Conway wouldn't stop waving the
Canadian flag around. Y2J put on a great match eventually scoring the win by
submission after the Walls of Jericho. Rob Conway attacked him with the flag
afterwards. Grenier and Conway beat down on Jericho. Benjamin came running
down and sorted La Resistance out by throwing them over-the-top-rope.
Afterward, Jericho got up and thanked Benjamin. Benjamin hit the T-bone
Suplex on Jericho, to some boos. Everyone liked Jericho more. People started
to cheer Benjamin when they played his music. Jericho got up during the
commercial to a huge pop. He played with the crowd then left up the ramp.

(1) Chris Jericho defeated Sylvain Grenier via submission

Chris Masters came out, he challenged anyone from the audience to break out
of the Masterlock for ?1000. He picked a guy from the audience, who lloked
like one of the wrestlers from OVW strangely. He announced he was from
Birmingham, England. Everyone cheered. Funny, how these things are always at
'random'. It was pretty much the same as last week. This bloke couldn't
break the Masterlock. Masters returned to the back, leaving the guy in the
middle of the ring, seemingly 'knocked out'.

Christian aired backstage, he went into Evolution's locker room in a funny
segment. They had a plan for the main event.

Christy Hemme's music played, to a semi-pop. A few people shouted "I love
you, Christy!". Out came Christy, Stacy, Maria and Candice, I think. They
said that they weren't the only divas in the building and introduced 4 girls
from the Daily Star newspaper. The girls came out to a decent pop. About
half of the people started wolf whistling at the ladies. Christy said that
they were here to Honour England's own William Regal. William Regal came out
to the biggest pop of the night. Everyone chanted "Regal". He said he felt
great to be back on his home turf. He thanked us for making him what he is
today. He aired a few lines baout his autobiography 'Walking a Golden Mile'.
Hassan and Daivari rudely interrupted to some big heat. He talked about the
Englisdh being like the Americans, prejudiced. He challenged Regal and
Tajiri to a tag team match. His partner to be, Daivari. It went quieter when
they were walking down the ramp. I tried to say 'Hassan, give me my teatowel
back', as loud as I could but I don't know If it was picked up. An OK match,
Regal and Tajiri kept in control. Tajiri got pinned after the facecrushing
maneuver and a cutthroat legdrop by Daivari. After the match, Regal tried to
fight them but he was beat down. They put him in the Camel Clutch. We all
chanted for Hogan or HBK to come down, but, they never did. We realised they
obviously weren't in the UK then. EMT's helped Regal but he didn't want one.
He stood up toook a bow and left with Tajiri.

(2) Muhammad Hassan & Khosrow Daivari defeated William Regal & Tajiri

Edge came out to loud boos. His music and entrance was amazing though. His
opponent was Val Venis! During the match chants started. The row I was on
and the one behind started the "You screwed Matt!" chants. Edge was severely
booed, other chants were: "Hardy!" and "We Want Matt!". Edge wins with the
spear. Benoit comes down after the match where Edge is beating down on
Venis. He executes three german suplexes.

(3) Edge defeated Val Venis

Backstage, Triple H names himself and Ric Flair as special enforcers for the
main event. He Names Coach the ref and promises Christian will defeat
Batista tonight.

Coach comes out to heat. Flair and the Game come out to huge heat. Christian
comes out to a decent pop. Batista comes out to a decent pop. Decent main
event. Back and forth, Coach misses two low blows executed on Batista. The
Game throws Batista into the steps. Batista eventually wins. Triple H comes
in and Batista goes to hit him with the chair. Triple H reverses and
pedigrees him. Cameras go off the air.

(4) World Heavyweight Champion Batista defeated Christian in a Non-title

After it goes off the air. Batista gets up and flaws Hunter and Flair.
Batista celebrated with the crowd and sets the pyro off to everyones
surprise. Batista leaves up the ramp to a huge pop. Lilian thanks us for
coming. Promises the WWE will be back soon. Says that the company would be
nothing without us. We all cheer and everybody leaves.

Credit to: Ollie Payne

Biggest Pops:

(1) William Regal

(2) Christian

(3) Batista

(4) Chris Benoit

(5) The Hurricane

(6) Chris Jericho

Biggest Heat:

(1) Triple H

(2) Edge

(3) Muhammad Hassan

(4) Simon Dean

(5) La Resiatnce

(6) Maven

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