WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (6/22/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

Hey there, bub! Welcome, one and all, to this week's Monday Night Raw Live Results Coverage here at Rajah.com! I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do isn't very nice--it is I, the one and only Mike Hogan! It's been a very eventful weekend, from the apparent retirement of the Undertaker to the #SpeakingOut movement that blew up social media over the weekend. There are a plethora of articles up here at Rajah.com for you to read up on all the happenings of the last seventy-two hours.

In case you missed it, here are the official rules for the first ever Rajahmania Giveaway! This is a contest open to anyone around the world who participates (not just Canada--yes, Twitterbro, I'm looking at you!).

As I posted last week, we're getting four title matches for Raw tonight! Asuka will defend her Raw Women's Championship against Charlotte Flair; we'll see Sasha Banks & Bayley put their Women's Tag Titles on the line for the third time in eight days against the Iiconics. Speaking of tag championship matches, we'll finally hopefully see the end of the Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better! series tonight as the Street Profits defend against the Viking Raiders!
And last, but surely not least and definitely not the least bit interesting, R-Truth will defend his 24/7 Title against Akira Tozawa & the Ninjas. One can only hope for a David Hasselhoff cameo and a pre-match vignette of R-Truth being trained by Jean-Claude Van Damme, to tune of Joe Esposito's "You're the Best (Around)" song from the Karate Kid.

To once again quote the famous Wolverine, 'nuff said! On to tonight's show!

WWE Monday Night Raw Live Results (6/22/2020) - Performance Center, Orlando, FL

Championship Monday Kicks Off

Our program opens welcoming us to Championship Monday as we're treated to four championship matches! For a quick recap, look above! Also, the Nature Boy Ric Flair will be here to ordain Randy Orton as the Greatest Wrestler Ever and we'll finally have Rey in person to confront Seth Rollins!

In the Ring: Drew McIntyre

Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe welcomes us to Monday Night Raw! The WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, makes his way down to the ring in street clothes to a loud chorus of cheers from those in attendance!

Drew welcomes us to Monday Night Raw or, as he's hearing it called, Championship Monday. He reminds us that it was just last week in which R-Truth hastily accepted a tag team match in which the WWE Championship was on the match. But Drew wants to look to the forward and--Dolph Ziggler's music plays. Dolph comes to ring in street clothes, too, entering the ring with a mic. Drew tells us he didn't see that one coming. Dolph says he knew it'd be a little bit of a surprise for Drew to see the Smackdown star show up, but as we all know, AJ Styles has been traded to Smackdown. And in return, Monday Night Raw gets Dolph Ziggler AND his tag team partner, the glorious Robert Roode. Dolph tells Drew that no one is happier to see Drew as WWE champion than Dolph as Dolph would hate to see Drew lose that title before Dolph got there.

Dolph tells Drew that it wasn't that long ago that Drew got fired, but because of Dolph, he was brought back. And because of Dolph, Drew and Dolph went on to become one of the most dominant tag teams. And Dolph takes credit for being the reason why Drew is the WWE Champion. The crowd is not liking this. Dolph tells Drew that he knows Drew needs an opponent for the next ppv, and that Drew owes it to Dolph to let it be him.

Drew reminds Dolph that it's not exactly been smooth sailing for Dolph without "Big Daddy Claymore" having his back. He then asks if Smackdown was running a "two for one" special in sending AJ for Dolph and Roode. Drew tells Dolph that since their separation, Drew's become quite full of himself (he must've not been paying attention the last decade). Drew says Dolph did give McIntyre his "Scottish Psychopath" moniker, and Drew is right about one thing, Drew needs an opponent for the title. He asks Dolph if he wants it, and Dolph says he does. So Drew makes it official--at Extreme Rules, it'll be Dolph Ziggler taking on "Big Daddy Claymore" Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship.

Dolph leaves as Drew holds his title up in the ring. The announcers remind us that Charlotte Flair takes on Asuka for her Raw Women's Championship, but Flair's had Asuka's number. They're interrupted by Nia Jax, who makes her way to the ring.

In the Ring: Nia Jax

Nia comes down to the ring, grabbing a chair from ringside, sets it up and takes a seat in the middle of the ring--now take a seat in the middle of your sofa because we're going to commercials!

Back from break and the crowd is still cheering. Nia says "it must be Monday, because Charlotte Flair got exactly what she wanted, whether she deserves it or not. She went 'wooo' and was granted a title shot against Asuka." She goes on to comment that she, meaning Jax, was screwed out of the title both at Backlash by a double count out, and by a cheating referee last week.

R-Truth comes down to the ring rapping to his theme to interrupt her! He ends by hitting a split. "Excuse me, ma'am, I think you're confused. See, I'm supposed to have a match against an evil leader of a Ninja Clan, Akira Tozawa for my 24/7 48/7 7/11 I-95 South European I Binged Episodes of Reno 911 Championship. Uh-oh! Unless...you ARE the real Akira Tozawa! Everybody knows ninjas are masters of deception and disguise!" Jax cuts him off and asks him does he really think she's Tozawa? He asks her "If you're not Tozawa, who are ya?" Suddenly we see Tozawa at the Announcer's table, laughing, before he and ninjas chase off R-Truth.

Nia Jax then tells us she's not leaving this chair until--Charlotte Flair's theme interrupts her and out comes the Queen! Charlotte asks if she needs to explain what's really going on? Nia's squandered her last two title matches. Nia's dropped the ball. And now she's out here throwing a huge hissy fit. Jax tells Charlotte that she only gets what she wants because her daddy's Ric Flair. Charlotte tells Jax that her dad's new title is "Charlotte Flair's Daughter." Charlotte makes a ringside tech come hold the rope to let her in. She climbs in and says "lets talk families." Jax says Charlotte only got where she is because of her dad. Charlotte sarcastically says it must've been her dad who ended Asuka's career winning streak, and must've been her dad who beat Asuka recently. Jax reminds Charlotte that they've only gone one on one once, and Jax won that. Jax says the one woman built to take Charlotte's crownd is Nia. Charlotte attacks Jax and both women begin slugging it out in the ring. Charlotte breaks for a moment to take off her robe and they keep at it. Several officials come down to separate them. Jax gets out of their grasps first but runs right into a big boot. The refs pair up and take Jax and Flair to opposite corners. Flair is holding her left arm, and they're trying to indicate it may be injured. The refs are still yelling at both women, who are in the ring, to go backstage as we cut to the announcer's table to remind us that coming up in a matter of moments, we get our first title match of the night!!

Recap of the Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better series

The series is tied at whatever to whatever, and was supposed to have had a final tiebreaker at Backlash. The tiebreaker--a championship match--never happened due to the arrival of Tozawa and his ninjas. But tonight, coming up in a few moments, we'll settle this!

Backstage w/ the Street Profits

The Street Profits mention they've done it all but they've got a message for the Viking Raiders. Erik and Ivar walking up, saying "you have a message for us, oh prophet?" Montez tells them that he does. He tells them that the Viking Profits aren't the nWo...they're not for-life! Both teams banter playfully, make another Viking Profits friendly gesture, then remind each other to bring the smoke because their tag team title match is up next! And so are some commercials! Before we cut to them, we see Zelina Vega walk up and smile to herself as the two teams walk off.

Raw Tag Team Championships: The Street Profit$(c) vs Viking Raiders

The horn blows and out come first the head-banging Viking Raiders! Tom Phillips mentions that the Street Profits have never beaten the Viking Raiders in a conventional two-on-two match. We know Vince logic and what that comment means! The Street Profits are out next! The announcements are made and we're ready to start this one up!

Angelo Dawkins and Ivar are starting things up. They grapple and Ivar turns it into a headlock. Angelo sends Ivar into the ropes but he leapfrogs Dawkins. Ivar sends Dawkins into the ropes and he leapfrogs Ivar. Ivar hits a big leap on Dawkins and runs over to tag in Erik. Erik picks Ivar up as Dawkins is seated in the corner, picks him up and throws him on Dawkins--they're now calling this the Hammer of Thor. Erik covers but only gets a two. Dawkins tags in Ford who utilizes his fast, high-flying style to quickly take control. He uses acrobatics to send Erik outside the ring, then goes for a suicide dive but Erik at the ringside catches him in a reverse shoulder carry position and powerbombs Montez onto Angelo! Powerbombing y'all into a commercial break too!

Back from the break and we see Ivar wrenching the arm of Montez Ford. Ford gets to his feet only to take a knee to the gut. Ivar takes Ford into the Raider corner and works him for a moment before tagging in Erik. Erik and Ivar rush to the center of the ring, and Erik whips Ivar towards Montez. Ford dodges and hits a tag to Dawkins. Dawkins comes in and cleans house, moving fast for the big man, and nailing a bulldog on Erik. Dawkins tags in Ford again and the Street Profits hit the Viking Experience on Erik and go for the pin! They get a two before Ivar breaks it up and sends Dawkins out. Ford takes a loud right fist from Erik and looks stunned. Ivar's tagged in, and takes out both Ford in the ring and takes Dawkins off the apron. Ford eats a foot before both men tag in their respective partners. Both teams whip each other and the Raiders utilize cartwheels to dodge the Profits. Erik picks up both Profits for Ivar to hit off the top turnbuckle. Both teams brawl it out; Ivar's down, Dawkins with a huge shoulder tackle to Erik. Montez Ford goes sky-high for the splash and covers Ivar for the win!

Your Winners and STILL Tag Team Champions, the Street Profits!

After the Match

Both teams show signs of respect, hugging it out and celebrating, and indicating that perhaps the Viking Profits aren't over. The Street Profits celebrate in the ring but are ambushed by Garza and Andrade! The Raiders rush the ring to make the save.

Backstage w/ Seth Rollins & the Disciples

Theory and Murphy walk up to Rollins, who's staring off into the distance. Before they can begin conversing, he tells them he has a message for Rey Mysterio tonight. And commercials ensue.

Backstage w/ Seth Rollins

We get clips from last week, in which we see Dominik attacking Seth and avoiding his Disciples. We then cut to the back and see Seth telling us that he didn't choose to be the Monday Night Messiah, the way that Rey didn't choose to be a sacrifice. He says that the difference between the two is that Seth has stepped into and embraced his role, while Rey has been defiant, an defiance breeds suffering. He says the saddest part of this is that Rey allowed his boy, Dominick, to get involved in this situation. Seth then tells Rey that whatever becomes of his son from here onward falls upon Rey and that there's nothing he can do to stop it. Seth says that he's heard that legends never die, but they sure as hell can outlive their welcome.

Announcer's Table: Recap From Earlier

We're told the Raw Women's Championship is coming up in a few moments, and then we get clips of Nia Jax brawling in the ring with Charlotte, and they again imply that Flair may not be 100% because of her arm. From watching the recap, she never favored the arm until they were separated, causing this viewer to wonder if yet another ref is crooked and injured Charlotte.

Backstage w/ Charly Caruso & Charlotte Flair

Charlotte exits a room and has Roc-Tape on her left shoulder. Charly wonders if Flair is up to the match. Charlotte tells Charly that she'll be Raw Women's Champion again. Charlotte walks off and standing seven feet away are Zelina, Charlotte's boo Andrade, and Angel Garza. Charly saunters over and asks if Angel and Andrade can still get along and wonders about why they attacked the Street Profits. Vega steps in, calls her "two buck Chuck," and tells her that her guys have worked past their differences. Andrade then says that they're going for the Raw tag titles.

Raw Women's Championship: Asuka(c) vs. Charlotte Flair

Asuka makes her way out first and poses with her title. Commercial break time! Back from the break and out comes the Queen, Charlotte Flair! The announcers point out again that Charlotte has Asuka's number and note that Charlotte could become a thirteen-time champion here on Raw. The announcer makes the official introductions! Charlotte is booed, Asuka is cheered with a spattering of boos. We're reminded that their most recent encounter one-on-one was just before Backlash.

The bell rings and the women take their time. Flair stretches on the ropes while Asuka shakes her hands. Asuka darts in low and fast; the women lock up. Charlotte turns it into a side headlock. Asuka sends Charlotte off of her and into the ropes, and the Queen runs Asuka over. Charlotte begins taunting Asuka on the mat, striking her and talking trash. Flair sends Asuka into the corner and kicks repeatedly, lowering Asuka to a seated position. Flair pulls Asuka out of the corner and attempts a whip but Asuka reverses and begins twisting and yanking on Flairs left arm. Asuka grinds the left shoulder and twists it again. Flair tries to fight out of it but Asuka sends Flair shoulder-first into the canvas. Asuka with two punches to push Flair against the ropes. Asuka goes for the bump but gets a big right for her efforts. Flair goes out on the apron to attempt God knows what, but Asuka grabs Flair's left arm and drops it across the top rope, sending Flair outside. The Empress of Tomorrow charges and hits a ringside dropkick. Asuka back up on the apron and goes for it again but the Queen chops the legs out from under Asuka, dropping her to the floor. Flair hits a kick to the face of Asuka before sending her into the ropes. Flair takes it inside and locks a Figure Four around Asuka's head and holds it in the middle of the ring.

Asuka tries to get out of it and Flair whips her over by the neck. Flair climbs the top turnbuckle and goes for it; Asuka evades so Flair lands on her feet. Flair charges the corner; Asuka evades. Asuka steps in to capitalize on it and Flair grabs her by the neck and drops Asuka face-first into the turnbuckle. Asuka rolls to the outside floor and we roll into a commercial break.

Back from the break and Flair is clearly in control. We're told it's been nothing but Flair throughout the commercial break. Flair has Asuka in the corner and alternates Flair Chop, left punch, repeatedly, until her arrogance gives Asuka an in and she hits a back drop. Flair up to her knees; Asuka delivers the Asuka Kicks as Flair still makes her way to her feet. Asuka goes for the Spinning Backfist; big boot by the Queen. Flair attempts to spear Asuka in the corner but Asuka steps out. Charlotte's holding her arm. Charlotte with a chop block to Asuka. Charlotte goes for a spear and Asuka jumps up and eats it. Flair covers but Asuka gets her foot on the rope. Flair's looking for the Figure Four but Asuka gets out of it. Asuka locks in an arm bar in the middle of the ring. Asuka wraps her legs around Flair's neck, holding a modified Triangle. Flair up to her feet and hits a powerbomb but Asuka immediately locks in a chickenwing and into an Asuka lock! Flair can't reach the ropes, Flair taps!
Your Winner and STILL Raw Women's Champion, Asuka!

Backstage w/ Charly & Nia

Charly asks Nia if her fight with Charlotte earlier had anything to do with the outcome of tonight's fall. Nia says she thinks it'd be a real shame for someone to kick the Queen while she's down. She heads off. We're reminded that Ric Flair "presents Randy Orton as the greatest wrestler ever" and up next: Edge provides a medical update on Christian a well as an update on his future after suffering a torn bicep at Backlash. Commercials.

Recap From Last Week: Orton/Christian

We get the required recap from last week, where Orton basically took back his mantra as Legend Killer. For those who missed it, click here for last week's results coverage. To sum it up: Christian came out to confront Orton. Orton demanded Christian take him on in an unsanctioned match (as Christian isn't medically cleared to wrestle) or else prove Orton right--that Christian is a coward. Several people tried to talk Christian out of it, including Ric Flair. Christian insisted on the match anyways. Christian and Orton make their way to the ring. Flair comes out to stop Christian once more. Christian gently sets Flair aside; Flair hits a low blow, Orton hits a punt, and medics take Christian off on a stretcher.


We see Edge in a darkened arena/ring. Edge says that Orton beat him at Backlash. Hit an RKO and tore Edge's biceps clean off the bone. But Edge doesn't think that Orton is the better wrestler. He says Orton coincidentally hit Edge with an 'accidental' low blow. He then says he saw Raw last week. Says Orton claims he's the best wrestler ever, and Orton should put the slogan on tees, boxers, bed sheets, whatever, as it apparently meant it so much to him. Edge says he's disappointed that he didn't see the low blow coming in their match at Backlash, and he's disappointed that he didn't do it first. That won't happen again. Edge says that Randy said he lit a fire in Randy's gut and reminded him who he is, the Legend Killer, and this injury, and not being able to pick up his daughters on father's day, lit a fire in his gut. He said seeing Orton punt Jay (Christian) after goading him into a match, knowing he hadn't hat a match in six years, knowing he wasn't cleared to wrestle--his best friend of 36 years, long before he was known to the world as Christian...that put to bed the PG superstar inside Edge. And it's awoken the guy who will doesn't care what backs he has to step on to get to Orton. He said he's going to destroy Orton, emasculate him, make Cowboy Bob wish he were firing blanks the night Orton was conceived. And he says when Orton goes to bed after their next match and the kids ask if Dad's okay, he won't be able to say he is. He says when Orton hugs Jen that night and goes to bed, he knows what's coming. He knows that of all the voices screaming in Orton's head, Edge's will be the loudest. He's going to tear Orton's life apart brick by brick. Edge tells Orton that he has no idea what he's done--he's woken up the evil. He's woken up the Rated R Superstar. "Get some sleep while you can, Randy."

Backstage w/ Charly & Randy Orton

Before Charly can get her question off, Randy asks her if she knows what happens when a snake is cornered. He says it strikes out blindly, it does what mother nature programs it to do, to defend its eggs. He says that Edge and Christian both came back to try to do what they wanted but Orton will do what he has to do to survive, he's going to strike back, blindly sometimes. He wishes both Edge and Christian a full recovery and says there's a chance they'll both live happy and long lives as long as they do it far, far away from him. Now he must be excused as he has something to discuss with the Nature Boy. Commercials.

Backstage w/ Charlotte Flair

Charlotte is being interviewed in a backstage area with a PC ring set up. The live feed cut in just as Nia attacked Charlotte from behind. She works Flair's left arm, mocks her with a Woo, then walks off.

24/7 Championship: R-Truth(c) vs Akira Tozawa w/ Ninjas

We're reminded that while this match is under way, the rules of the match are suspended. Akira is already in the ring with two Ninjas ringside. R-Truth makes his way down to the ring and just as the bout is starting, Bobby Lashley and MVP make their way down to the ring. Lashley and MVP destroy the two Ninjas, and Akira Tozawa hides under the ring. Lashley locks R-Truth in the Full Nelso and does the Rag-Doll Shuffle (my term), leaving the Ninjas and R-Truth down.
No Contest

After the Match(ish?)

Akira Tozawa scrambles in the ring and covers R-Truth, getting the pinfall.
NEW 24/7 Champion: Akira Tozawa

Backstage w/ Sarah & Natalya

Sarah, the new backstage interviewer, asks Natalya about the events earlier tonight in the Women's division. Natalya, debuting her new "Angry Karen" gimmick, lays into Sarah about wasting her time. She states Asuka is not a locker room leader like Natalya, then gets upset that she had an idea she wanted to share with everyone but couldn't because of Sarah. Sarah then asks her what it is, and Natalya informs her there's no time now--she'll have to find out in a few moments alongside everyone else. We head to commercials.

Liv Morgan vs Natalya w/ Lana

Announcements are made as are combatants come out. Liv Morgan is out first. Nattie comes out second, accompanied by Lana. Lana and Natalya nod heads at each other and Lana heads back to ringside. For the third match tonight, things start out with a side headlock. Natalya takes control and goes for a quick pin. Symbolically, Liv Morgan is buried in the corner with kicks as is her career. Natalya lifts Liv up on her shoulder in a submission but Liv gets to the top rope. Liv to the apron. Natalya hits a hard shot to the midsection. Natalya sends Liv up onto the apron, who mounts a small comeback before being distracted by Lana. Natalya takes out the right leg and locks in the Sharpshooter. Liv hangs in there for two and a half seconds before tapping out.
Your Winner by Submission, Natalya

After the Match

Natalya and Lana hug, then exit together.

Backstage w/ Charly and Big Show

Charly asks Big Show if he thought at this stage of his career, he'd be fighting off ninjas. He laughs and says he didn't mind helping lending a big right hand--and points out that's his thing, the big right hand--and enjoyed it. He plugs his Netflix comedy but tells us that sometimes people forget that behind the comedic acting is a big, angry giant. He says that tonight that he, the comedic actor is going to sit in the back but heading to the ring right now is a heartless giant.

The Annointing of Randy Orton

Flair's music plays out out comes the legendary Ric Flair. We head to commercial break. Back from break, after we get a quick recap of Dolph saying Drew owes him a WWE title match, we get back to the business at hand! Flair is on the mic. After being announced as the two-time WWE Hall of Famer, he speaks. "First of all, earlier tonight the Queen, my daughter--actually I'm just lucky enough to be her dad--was injured. I'll make this short and sweet. When she comes back, Nia Jax, you'll wish you worked and lived in another environment. When my daughter's on a mission, which she will be, you'll be in a lot of trouble." He then goes on to tell us that when people ask him who the greatest performer is today, it's Randy Orton. He says last week Orton took the Hall of Famer Edge, and Hall of Famer Christian, and punted them both away. Boom! He asks Orton to please come out. Orton makes his way out.

Ric says he doesn't know about us, but he's been dying for this moment. He says this young man right here is the most dominant vicious performer in the WWE. He then says "Ladies and Gentlmen, I give you the best performer in the WWE today--the best in history, Randy Orton." Orton mentions its nostalgic that they're int he ring together, half of Evolution. He says sometimes nostalgia can be confused with Legacy. He said it was nostalgic when last week Ric Flair showed everyone that he's the dirtiest player in the game. He says it was nostalgic when he punted Christian last week on Raw, and it was nostalgic when Edge stepped into the ring for the very last time at Backlash last week. But this fire in his gut to be the Legend Killer, it isn't nostalgic. It's his legacy. He says the voices in his head, in "me myself and I" are getting nothing but pleasure from being called the Legend Killer. "It feels--"

Big Show comes out to interrupt. "Enough, just enough," he yells. He makes his way into the ring. He calls Orton a narcissistic parasite. He says he used to respect Flair but he sees Orton latching on, over and over over the years, to others to make himself appear better. He says that Orton doesn't care about Edge or Christian or their families; just like every other parasite, he doesn't care about the host. Show says that Edge will be back and will take Orton out. But Edge won't get to take Orton out alone, Big Show is going to break every bone in Orton's body. Flair steps up but Orton stands between the two and says that Big Show wouldn't hurt a hair on Flairs head because despite being a pissed off giant, he wouldn't. Orton says that twenty years ago, Big Show took him under his wing praises the Show. He says some would even say that the Big Show is a legend. He says that he didn't know punting Christian and Edge would upset the Big Show, but it'd be a shame if the same fate befell the Big Show. Show tells Orton to c'mon, and is ready to go. Orton slides out the ring and says that he gave him a shot because they were friends, but just like Edge and Christian, Big Show has brought this on himself and that whatever happens next, its on the Show. Orton and Flair leave.

Recap of Last Week's Raw

We get a recap of the Iiconics' confrontation with Banks and Bayley last week on Raw, where the Iiconics slapped Banks and angered Bayley enough to accept a match tonight. Up next: the Women's Tag Team Championship match! Right now: commercials!

Women Tag Team Championship Match: Bayley & Sasha Banks vs the Iiconics

Out first are our champs, the Legit Boss and Smackdown Women's Champion, Bayley! We're reminded that the only team to defeat the champs for their titles were the Iiconics at WrestleMania last year. Out next are the Iiconics, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce.

Sasha Banks and Billie Kay start things off. Banks and Bayley seem to be arguing as Banks didn't seem to want to start it. Kay hits a big boot and gets a close two call. Royce and Bayley brawl at ringside until Bayley sends Royce's face into the announce table. Banks tags in Bayley, who locks up with Kay. Kay takes it to her corner but Bayley hits a back elbow to Royce's face. Royce back on the apron to make the tag Billie Kay holds Bayley from behind, shoving her torso out the ropes for Royce to hit a running knee. We go to commercial with the Iiconics suddenly in control.

Back from the break and Billie Kay is in firm control over Bayley. Kay talks trash while yanking Bayley's hair. Kay slings Bayley into the corner, where Kay accidentally knocks Royce off the apron. Bayley throws Kay into the corner and yells "Iconic!" before charging her in the corner. Royce makes the blind tag. Royce takes out Banks as she tries to interfere. She and Bayley yank each other, Bayley trying for a tag and Royce trying to stop her. Banks gets the tag in and slams Royce, getting a two. Both women to their feet. Banks hits a snap suplex but holds it, rolling it over into a Three Amigos to pay homage to her favorite as a child, Eddie. Royce slips out of the third and shoves Banks into Bayley, knocking her off the ringside. Royce comes in but Banks sends her outside and wraps up Kay in the Bank Statement. Royce is still down ringside so Kay has to tap out!
Your Winners and STILL Women's Tag Team Champions, Sasha Banks and Bayley!

After the Match

Bayley says that they're still the champs and that's what happens when you mess with da Boss and Bayley Dos Straps. Sasha says that every time she hears Bayley call herself Dos Straps, it makes her feel left out, and that she wants a title match so at Extreme Rules, she's officially challenging...Asuka!

Out comes Asuka, title in hand, yelling at them in Japanese. Asuka enters the ring and gets on the mic. My Japanese is rough (non-existent), but Asuka clarifies in English: "You are not the Boss of me. I accept." Bayley immediately attacks Asuka and both women double team Asuka. Asuka attempts to fight back but Sasha hits the backstabber into the Bank Statement.

Backstage w/ Sarah, MVP & Bobby Lashley

Lashley is asked by Sarah if what he did to R-Truth was a statement. MVP segways into talking about US Champion Apollo Crewsmentions that Apollo Crews is tremendously talented. He was proud of him for a little shove that Crews did to Shelton Benjamin when the ref wasn't looking...until Crews agreed to a rematch against Shelton Benjamin. MVP feels Benjamin, with MVP's guidance, could be the greatest United States champion since, well, MVP. But if you'll excuse them, they're off to the most exclusive night club. We go to commercials.

Backstage w/ Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan

Ruby confronts Liv about her recent loss and losing streak. Liv cuts her off and says she doesn't need anyone making her feel worse than she already does, especially Ruby.

MVP's VIP Lounge

MVP welcomes out hopefully his newest client, Apollo Crews. MVP says it just feels right having the United States Champion in the VIP lounge. He says that he respects the concept of a fighting champion and when Apollo beat him to take his spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder match, he respected him more. Then Crews went and blew out his knee. He tells Crews that he's already made the bad mistakes so Crews doesn't have to and that this is his chance to give his daughter the life she deserves. Crews interrupts him and states that he got there on his own and he does appreciate his offer, but his answer is still no. MVP says to keep it 100 and he sees Crews having the chance to be the greatest US champ of all time other than MVP, but he can't do that if he keeps defending it every week and can't do it without MVP in his corner. Crews asks him if that means if he's going to be in Sheltons corner, or send his boy Lashley out to take him out, or if MVP can take it from him? Crews said he's not going to let MVP or anyone take it from him. MVP points out that Crews has been champ three weeks, but MVP's reign was a historic 300 day reign. He's tried to recruit Crews twice but there won't be a third time and like it or not, that title is coming home to him. Crews gets in his face and Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ring. MVP asks if he can have a moment with Crews, so Shelton backs up...then blindsides Crews, sending him outside the ring. MVP asks for another moment with Crews, and tells him lesson number one: never turn your back on anyone. We go to commercial.

Shelton Benjamin vs Apollo Crews

This match is already underway. Shelton working Crews in the corner. From the apron, Shelton hit's a big side kick and sends Crews to the mat. Shelton drives Crews shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Again, injured left shoulder into the turnbuckle. In middle of the ring Crews hits a drop kick then goes for the standing moonsault! Benjamin absorbs the hit and locks in the left armbar. It's broken. Big clothesline takes Benjamin and crews to the outside. Shelton charges Crews and leaps up, but Crews moves and Benjamin rams his shoulder into the ringpost. Back in the ring, Crews with a kick to the back of the neck. Crews lifts Benjamin over his left shoulder and hits a toss up powerbomb for the three count in a short but quick paced match.
Your Winner, Apollo Crews

After the Match

MVP is up the ramp applauding Crews. He comes up behind Crews to lift his arm in celebration but Crews shrugs him off. MVP holds his hands up and Lashley runs out to ambush Crews, locking in the Full Nelson and hitting the Rag-Doll Shuffle (my term) again. MVP lays the belt across Crews and they walk off.

Backstage w/ Rey & Dominick Mysterio

Dominick walks up and asks his dad if he's sure about this. Rey says lets go show the Monday Night Messiah how the Mysterio Family rolls. Commercial time.

In the Ring: Rey/Dominick Confront Seth

Rey & Dominick Mysterio come to the ring, ready to confront the Monday Night Messiah. Maybe Dominick will be known professionally as Rey Mysterio Jr? Rey on the mic. "This is straight talk, son." He says that one of the most terrifying things that can happen to one as a parent is not being able to get ahold of a child and last Monday, Rey tried calling Dominick several times and got no response. Rey was scared for Dom. When Rey found out where Dom was headed, to avenge what Seth had done... Not even the most confident father would expect his son to get out of a three on one situation. But Dom did. And for that, Rey is proud of him. But he's also angry at him because Dom put himself at risk. "Moms" was really worried and Rey knows Dom understands this because they've talked about it. Dom knows Rey is pissed off that Seth tried to blind him, but he's learned to accept that. And he knows that Dom is bigger than Rey but Rey is his old man and no matter how big or strong Dom gets, he will always be Rey's child. So since Dom fought for Rey, it's time for Rey to fight for Dom. Rey says that he has this one, he needs to get revenge on Seth Rollins, but he needs to do it himself. Dom takes the mic. "Jefe, I understand where you're coming from, but I'm not going anywhere." He tells Seth that this is what a family looks like and this family wants a fight. Cue Seth's music. Seth comes out to stand at the top of the ramp.

The crowd boos the entire time that Seth is speaking. Seth asks does he come down and salughter a father in from of his son? Or does he make Rey watch as he slaughters his son? He says this isn't up to him, it's prophecy, his destiny, and since they're both in the same ring at the same time...two eyes are better than one. Seth drops his mic and walks down the ramp, dropping to his knees and stretching his arms out. Out comes Murphy and Austin. Alesiter Black and Humberto Carrillo sneak out and attack the Disciples from behind. Aleister and Carrillo carry it over into the ring, laying out the Disciples. Seth is ringside and is trying to tell everyone to stop. Dominick catches Seth with a 619 and the Mysterios drag Seth over to the ring steps, hinting that they're going to blind him the way he did Rey. Murphy and Austin take out Black and Carrillo from behind, then restrain Rey as Seth takes Dom by the head and tries to blind him just like he did Rey. In come Black and Carrillo with steel chairs to the rescue at the last minute, chasing the heels up the ramp. The Mysterios stand proud in the ring with Black and Carrillo, armed with chairs at ringside, as Seth and his Disciples look angrily down the ramp at them as we end our show.

That's it for tonight's Raw! If you need me, I'll be stealing Scott Summers' girl and going for a ride on my motorcycle. Have a nice night and a great start to your week!

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