WWE NXT Live Results (8/26/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

It's Wednesday, you're a Rajahmaniac, I'm Mike Hogan so lemme welcome ya to the first NXT since TakeOver XXX, brother! In case you missed it, you can check out the full results right here. Fun fact: TakeOver XXX was my ppv event debut! I think it went rather smashingly! If you missed last week's NXT, catch the results right here.

We learned late yesterday that Wade Barrett will return to the WWE tonight as a special announcer for NXT. I don't know about you kids, but I'm excited to see if Barrett has good, or bad, news for us tonight!

The official preview is up. Karrion Kross & Scarlett will open our show. What does the new NXT champion have in store for us? Now that time's run out and Karrion carries the Kross of Champion, who will he go after next? Will Scarlett finally get the Apple Watch she's been hinting at with "tick tock" for weeks? Let's not forget that Kross suffered a shoulder injury at TakeOver XXX yet managed to finish and win the match despite the physical impairment.

We'll also see NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar take on new rival Isaiah "Swerve" Scott in cruiseweight championship action. We'll see the team of Io Shirai & Rhea Ripley taking on Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez. There's a lot of bad blood after TakeOver between these two teams. We'll also see NXT Tag Team Champions Imperium defending their titles against Breezango.

Catch all this, and more, tonight on Rajah.com's NXT Live Results! And on the USA Network, if you're one of "those people" that like to actually watch your sports entertainment. Pfft.

WWE NXT Live Results (8/26/2020) - Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

TakeOver Highlight Video

To the sound of Metallica, we get a quick recap of TakeOver XXX. Check out our full results right here. To sum up, Io retained, Breezango won #1 contendership (hence tonight's match), Damian is the NA champ, Kross is the NXT champ.

Show Opener: New NXT Champion Karrion Kross & Scarlett

And with that, we cut to black and white in the arena. We see Scarlett's black-and-white-hued outfit, outlined by the video screen. Kross comes out, wearing a suit with the NXT title under it, and Scarlett moves to show it off around his waist on the ramp. She moves to the ring and does her "fall and pray" bit in black and white before the lights and color powers on and Kross, in the ring with an arm in a sling, yells as he hoists his newly-captured NXT championship in the air while the music rushes to a neck-breaking crescendo.
Kross gets on the mic. "I told you. Again, and again, that I would become the NXT champion. And I warned you that, on the way there, everyone would suffer! And at TakeOver XXX I kept good on my word when I ripped the NXT title off of Keith Lee's carcas! Like flesh from bone!" The crowd boos this loudly. He continues. "But one should know...when you go to war, you should expect casualties on all sides." He looks to his shoulder in a sling. "My shoulder? Separated. It's searing pain but you know what? I love it. It brings me life. However, I'm a realist. And I understand the reality of the situation--there's no way they're going to let me defend the NXT championship in this condition so..." He has Scarlett hand him the belt and looks at it before continuing. "On the path, there are obstacles. But for me? The obstacles are the path." Kross then lays the title down in the center of the ring and Scarlett places a lamp behind it. Kross adds: "Let this be a warning. This changes absolutely nothing. Doomsday is still coming. Because in the end, everybody pays the toll. God help the obstacles that will be in my path. Tick tock." The crowd boos loudly as we see Kross and Scarlett looking on. Beth Phoenix questions what this holds for the future of the NXT championship. Scarlett and Kross head up the ramp, stopping at the videotron at the top of it. Scarlett places her hand over the Kross symbol on the screen and the symbol burns up behind them.

Commentary, featuring Wade Barrett

Vic Joseph welcomes us to NXT and introduces our special guest commentator, the former five-time five-time five-time five-time five-time Intercontinental champion, Wade Barrett. Wade thanks us for being there and says his mind is blown. But we've got no time to give it more thought as it's time to have our tag team title bout!

NXT Tag Team Championship: Imperium(c) vs Breezango

Breezango comes out first as Beth rejoins the commentary. We see a clip from this past Saturday's TakeOver XXX in which Breezango won a triple-threat number one contender's match. Out next is Imperium with their very cool, very simple entrance.
Before the bell rings, Breezango jump Imperium. After sending the reining champs out of the ring, Breezango back down and let the ref restore order. The bell rings and we start out with Fandango and Fabian. Fandango and Fabian exchange moves before Marcel makes a blind tag in. Marcel attacks Fandango from behind as he's still focused on Fabian. Marcel goes for a grapple but Fandango escapes as we go to break.
Back from the break and we see Marcel with a side necklock on Fandango. Marcel hits a knee and tags in Fabian. Fabian picks up Fandango, setting up a double team move in which Marcel knees Fandango in the back and Fabian clotheslines Fandango down hard. Fabian covers but only gets two. Fabian takes the 'dango into the corner and makes another quick tag to his partner. Imperium work together again, whipping Fandango into the ropes. Both members duck down for a double back drop but Fandango counters and kicks both men! Fandango makes the hot tag to Breeze, who comes in fired up! Tyler Breeze takes Marcel down, then knocks Fabian out of the ring. Marcel Bartel goes up top and leaps down, both men striking each other and taking each other down. Breeze is up slightly first; Breeze goes for the Unprettier but Marcel counters and rams him back into the corner. Marcel hits a leaping kick, stunning Tyler.

Marcel struggles with a grasp on Tyler Breeze's legs, as if he's going for a Sharpshooter or leg submission. Breeze manages to fight him off. Fandango gets the tag. Marcel sent out of the ring, and Fabian Aichner follows him. Fandango hits a tope over the top rope and takes out one member of Imperium before being hit from behind by Aichner. We go to break with Fandango down and Imperium recovering first.

Back from the break and Fandango leaps off the middle ropes, but Fabian Aichner catches him mid air, slams him down, leaps to the middle rope and moonsaults off and onto Fandango, covering but doesn't get it! Outside the ring, Tyler Breeze and Marcel Bartel get into it and Breeze is taken down. Marcel returns to his corner. Fandango drops Fabian down, shoving Aichner back into his own corner where Marcel makes a blind tag. Fandango goes for his corner but no one's there! Marcel takes Fandango to his corner and drapes him across the middle ropes in the corner, then tags in Fabian. Both Fabian and Marcel run around the ring, Marcel on the outside and Fabian inside and both men leap up to double dropkick Fandango in a cool double team move but Fandango moves! The champs dropkick each other! Fandango tags in Tyler Breeze. Again, the tag team champs go for a double team move that sees Breeze lifted in the electric chair but as Fabian goes flying, Breeze struggles free and Superkicks the Imperium intimidator in mid-air! Breeze with another, both of the champs are down! Breeze tags in Fandango who quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle and goes flying, hitting a double elg drop on both members of Imperium! Impressive! He then covers Fabian Aichner for the three and we have new champs!
Your Winners and NEW NXT Tag Team Champions, Breezango!

After the Match

We're treated to replays from the stunning upset and then cut to the commentary table, where Barrett and Joseph are forced to watch Breezango dance and celebrate with their titles! We're also reminded that this is Breezango's first ever tag team championship.

Backstage w/ Damian Priest

Tiffany approaches Damian and says that she knows he's super busy but--and he cuts her off, telling her he knows she's got questions for the champ and he'll be glad to answer them. And along comes Timothy Thatcher, who cuts them off. Thatcher says that it's embarrassing, the way Priest acts as a champion. Priest asks who he even is; he replies that he's the man who should be given the first shot at the North American title. He goes on to say that Priest, without any ladders to hide behind, doesn't look to be very equipped for Thatcher. Priest takes a big swig of his beer and slaps his title around his belt, stating that it looks to him like he's well equipped enough.

Scenes From Earlier Today

We see a peeping-tom type camera angle of HHH, HBK and other officials and we're told they were discussing the NXT title situation earlier today. We're then told we'll have Ciampa's return tonight and head to break.

Jake Atlas vs Tommaso Ciampa

The young rookie Jake Atlas comes out first. Out next is the returning Tommaso Ciampa. He comes out wearing his leather jacket with a type of hoodie on top. He strips off his jacket and headpiece, squares up with Atlas and both men lock up as the bell rings. Ciampa takes Atlas back to the corner right away. They both lift hands when the ref orders a separation. Ciampa then immediately takes it to Atlas, beating him in the corner. He stomps a mudhole into Atlas before stomping him down into the mat. Ciampa hits a move right as my stream hiccups and covers for the win! I blame the Smackdown Hacker for the signal interference.
Your Winner, Tommaso Ciampa

After the Match

The ruthless aggression shown by Ciampa is not over just because this match is, folks. Ciampa beats Atlas outside the ring, and into the plexiglass barrier. Ciampa with a running mule kick, then drags poor Atlas over for a slingshot.

Video Promo: Candice Lerae

We get a brief video of Lerae blaming Tegan Nox for their failed friendship. She shows a clip from this past week then ends it by stating Nox should stay out of her way.

Backstage w/ Mackenzie & Bronson Reed

Mackenzie asks Bronson what he thinks about Timothy Thatcher's demand to get the first shot at the North American title. Bronson points out that unlike Thatcher, Bronson's beaten Priest and he starts an argument for being the first to get a shot. Suddenly, Austin Theory walks up behind him. He mocks Reed, and states that not everyone can be in WrestleMania at 22 like Austin. He makes a crack that Reed will reach where Theory is...when he's 55. Reed slaps Theory hard then walks off, leaving Austin laughing to himself.

Mia Yim vs Shotzi Blackheart

Mia Yim is out first. As she's preparing in the ring, Robert Stone comes out and mocks her for not joining his brand. Without warning, Shotzi Blackheart drives her tiny tank out and runs Robert Stone over. We're told that Mia Yim was supposed to face a member of the Robert Stone Brand but apparently, it'll be Shotzi instead. Wade makes the typical heel remarks about being more concerned for Robert Stone than this match.

The bell rings and we're underway. Both women seem very evenly matched. The first two minutes is basically one long sequence of move and counter move. Shotzi leaps up to hit a Blockbuster but Mia catches her, exhibiting her strength. Shotzi rolls her up for a two. Shotzi again attempts a quick pin but only gets two. Both Yim and Shotzi to their feet and show each other respect. Shotzi begins to howl and Mia attacks her. Mia uses the bottom ropes to pull Shotzi down to the mat and attempts a cover. Shotzi escapes, and sits up. Mia Yim gets to her feet first and kicks Shotzi hard in the small of the back. Yim rolls Shotzi into a modified bow-and-arrow submission hold. Beth points out that Mia has to watch her own shoulder positioning here as it could easily turn into a pin attempt.
Shotzi escapes and begins to take control. Shotzi with kicks, then a backdrop fo ra two. Shotzi pulls Mia to her feet; Shotzi off the ropes but whatever she had in mind is countered by Yim, who drops her down hard. Yim goes up top but Shotzi sidesteps the dropkick. Shotzi delivers a standing senton. Shotzi climbs the top rope and hits a big diving senton off the top rope, covering and picking up the unexpected win!
Your Winner, Shotzi Blackheart!

After the Match

Vic and Beth Phoenix are both shocked that the youngster pulled the upset win over the HBIC of NXT. We're treated to replays of both women hitting high spots. Very solid, fast paced women's match and worth the watch. We come back to the ring as Shotzi is celebrating.

Backstage w/ William Regal

William Regal is interviewed by an off-camera person who wants to know if a decision has been made regarding the vacated NXT Championship. William Regal says that yes, they've just made a decision and he's heading out to make the announcement--after this message! Will they use the same system that was utilized last month when Keith Lee vacated the North American championship? We find out next, after these messages from our big pharma sponsors!

In the Ring: William Regal w/ the NXT Title

Regal goes on to tell the story we've come to know--Karrion Kross was injured during his match but carried the match and the big man, ultimately winning the title. In light of his having to vacate the title, William Regal wishes Kross best wishes on his "long recovery." But life moves on and after confirming with the NXT advisory board, they've come up with an incredible solution: Next week on a special Tuesday edition of NXT, four former NXT champions will compete in a fatal four-way to decide the new NXT champion. All of these competitors have accumulated numerous accolades and any one of them could claim to be NXT champion...those competitors are the first triple-crown champion of NXT, Johnny Gargano; Tommaso Ciampa, a man who was never defeated for the NXT championship; a 292-day NXT champion and the first Universal champion, Finn Balor; and finally, another triple-crown champion and the longest reigning NXT champion in history--Adam Cole! One of these men will walk out as champion--after a four-way 60 minute Iron Man match!

Commentary Table

Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett are hyped up about the iron man match next week and Wade says he'll be back next week as there's no way he'll miss it!

NXT Cruiserweight Championship: Santos Escobar vs Isaiah "Swerve" Scott

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott is out first, basking in the glory of the audience. It's noted that he already has a single's win over the current champ. Out next, accompanied by Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza and leader of the Legado del Fantasma, Santos Escobar! Santos sends his comrades to the back.
This match gets under way. Swerve sets up in the corner and sends Escobar flying out of the ring. Escobar backs up, around the ring and towards the ramp, wagging a finger at Swerve and grinning as Swerve leans against the ropes and we go to commercial break.
Back from the break and we find Escobar with a side headlock on Swerve. Swerve picks him up and hits a back drop, but Santos won't break the hold. Again, Escobar and Swerve get to their feet with the lock still in place. Finally Swerve is sent into the ropes and shouldered down. Swerve kicks it up a notch, dodging a strike, switching around and converting Escobar's offense into a suplex that slows down the patron of Legado. Swerve picks up Escobar and puts him in a reverse spider, then tries for a backslide pin (similar to a crucifix) but gets nada. Escobar attempts to kick a grounded Swerve, but Swerve grabs him and grounds him, attempting to apply a bar submission. Escobar escapes to the outside. Swerve comes out on the apron and grabs Escobar, who then flips Swerve over his head, off the apron and slamming into the plexiglass. Escobar takes Scott and sends him into the steel steps. Escobar takes Swerve around to the entrance-side of the ring and sends him in, covering for a two.
Swerve is fully in the hands of Escobar. Escobar slows the pace. Santos takes Swerve into the corner, then charges and hits a running leaping knee. Santos attempts a cover but only gets two. Santos pulls Swerve to his feet and pushes him back into the corner, holding Swerve's hands in his, fingers laced together. Ref begins to count as technically Santos is holding Swerve in corner. Santos flips Swerve into the center of the ring. Swerve escapes and goes up top, then immediately off, landing on the champ and pinning for a two. Escobar rolls to his feet first as the challenger is winded and hurting, and we roll to a commercial.
Back from the break and the champ is in firm control. Escobar talks smack to a kneeling Swerve and kicks him. He talks more trash and it gets to Swerve. More trash talking and another kick but Swerve gets to his feet. Swerve takes Escobar into the corner and rains fists down on him before flipping him into the ring. Swerve goes up top and comes flying down onto the champion. Escobar tries to escape outside but Swerve goes ropes to ropes and back-flips over the top ropes, out of the ring and onto the champion. Swerve takes Escobar inside and attempts a pin for only a two.

Legado hit the ringside; Mendoza and Wilde distract Swerve and the ref, allowing Santos to get a sneak attack in. Breezango hit the ringside area, and battle the Legado to the back--the champ is on his own as Breezango repay Swerve for his recent help! Swerve with a German Suplex and gets a two and a half! Swerve to his feet, adjusting his wrist bands. He centers himself, hunches over and yells "get up!" then runs and hits a wicked leaping move that allowed him to kick Escobar in the back of the head. He covers but only gets a two! Swerve picks up the champ but Santos escapes by sliding free. Santos attempts a corner handstand kick but Scott sees it coming and counters, pinning in the corner--but the ref stops the count as Santos has the ropes! Escobar goes out to the ringside and pulls out his old lucha mask. He puts it on then strikes Swerve with a headbutt right between the eyes as Swerve tried to pull him back into the ring. Escobar loses the mask and covers for a three.
Your Winner and STILL NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Santos Escobar!

Video Promo: Johnny Gargano

Gargano cuts an interview about the golden opportunity he's been given thanks to Kross' injury. He says that he's been the iron man of NXT for years and next Tuesday, he'll have the title to prove it. Up next: Drake Maverick takes on Kyle O'Reilly! Commercials first, though!

Video Promo: Finn Balor

Finn says that life comes full circle in this business and while some fall pray, the Prince rises to the occasion. He says that he's going to enjoy every second of the one-hour iron man match to prove he's not just a cornerstone of NXT, he's the centerpiece. He says that everyone at home, in the company, and even "Joey at home trolling on the internet" will get what they want: Finn Balor as NXT Champion.

Drake Maverick vs Kyle O'Reilly

Out first comes Kyle O'Reilly, accompanied by Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish. We're told that Drake Maverick issued a challenge to the entire Undisputed Era, which Kyle accepted, due to the beat down that the UE gave Drake two weeks ago during his match against Killian Dain. Maverick tried to step up and help his opponent, Dain, but Adam Cole fed Drake a superkick instead. Drake comes out next looking solemn and ready to rock. He hurries into the ring and we get things under way!
Maverick goes right after Kyle O'Reilly. Drake hits fists; Kyle goes for a punch but Maverick ducks. Drake with more fists. Kyle goes for a karate kick but again, Drake dodges it and immediately pummels him with more strikes! Drake knocks Kyle from the ring, then rushes up the ropes to dive off the top turnbuckle, landing on the Undisputed Era--sans Kyle who escaped. Kyle throws Drake into the room and begins to slow the pace down, nailing strikes on a grounded Drake. During this, Wade is reminded of his past in Nexus and asked his opinion on the Undisputed Era. Wade says that he was a bully but nothing compared to the Era. In the ring, Kyle misses with a kick and Drake takes charge. Drake hits Kyle in the corner, sends him to the mat then hits a leaping senton. Drake is fired up, but gives Kyle too much space. Kyle comes in and utilizes his martial arts background, performing an arm breaker then dodging fists from Drake and delivering karate chops and taking the knee out from Drake. Drake grabs the ropes as Kyle tries to pull him away, then hits an enziguri. Kyle, grounded, takes Drake's knee out and grabs Drake's legs, locking in an Achilles lock while also locking in a form of the Figure Four at the same time! Drake can't take the double-locked submissions and taps!
Your Winner, Kyle O'Reilly!

After the Match

The Era attack Drake. Fish goes outside and comes back in with a chair, but Killian Dain hits the ring! Dain grabs the chair and chases the UE out of the ring. Drake uses the ropes to get to his feet and he and the Beast from Belfast stare each other down. Drake comes in close, maybe they can be friends--nope. Dain hammers Drake down. This is why we can't have nice things.

Backstage w/ Mackenzie & Rhea Ripley

Mackenzie asks why Rhea is teaming with Io despite having eyes for Io's title. Rhea says that she didn't come down at TakeOver to save Io, she came down to remind everyone that Io is hers as is that women's title. She then walks off smugly as we go to commercial before our main event.

Video Promo: Adam Cole

We're reminded that NXT will have a special edition next Tuesday (not sure if we'll have a Wednesday episode or not--we'll keep you updated here at Rajah.com). Cole gets his turn with the camera. He points out his record for holding the title for the longest time, and he's a two-time former NXT champion. He promises to be the champion come Tuesday and that is undisputed.

Main Event: Io Shirai & Rhea Ripley vs Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez

Io is out first for this final match of the night. Out next is her tag team partner, Rhea Ripley, who comes out sporting the modified ring wear, hair and makeup. The new look definitely suits her character! Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez come out together, smirking smugly as they enter the ring. The bell rings and we start with Kai and Ripley.
Ripley and Kai lock up and Ripley immediately slams her face first into the mat! Savage! Ripley picks up Kai and tosses her about the ring, slinging her into her corner and yelling at Raquel Gonzalez to get in the ring. Raquel tags in. Ripley and Raquel square up. Raquel with a big headbutt that staggers Ripley. Io makes a blind tag and comes in as the ref forces Rhea out of the ring. Io flies off the top rope. Raquel ends up ringside and catches Kai as she's knocked off the apron and into her partner's arms. We go to break.
We're back from break and Io rolls through Kai then hits a double stomp. Io tags in Ripley. Ripley immediately bypasses Kai and clotheslines Raquel off the apron. Rhea then turns her attention to Kai and picks her up in a fireman's carry. Raquel, back on the apron, slaps Kai's leg to tag herself in and then grabs Kai, preventing Rhea from hitting a move. Ripley finds herself quickly double-teamed outside before Raquel takes it back into the ring. Raquel takes control. Hard fist from Raquel to Rhea's side grounds her. Rhea attempts to fight out of it, but Gonzalez grabs Ripley and drags her away from the faces' corner. Raquel tags in Kai, who goes for a quick cover but gets nothing. Kai locks an arm bar on Rhea, stretching her right arm back while driving her knee into Ripley's back. Kai lets up and holds Ripley, allowing Raquel to make the tag in. Raquel sends Rhea to the corner. Rhea counters, and hits a kick to the back side of the head, stunning Raquel. Both women make tags and in comes Kai and Io!
Io dominates Kai until Kai can get Shirai into the heel corner, where Raquel and Kai attempt to double team the champ. Io takes out Raquel, then floors Kai and hits a springboard missile dropkick before attempting a pin. She gets two. Both women to their feet fast. Kai goes for a kick but Shirai snapmares Kai down, and hits a knee to the face of Kai. Shirai wraps her up by the waist and hits a bridging German Suplex. Raquel comes in and makes the save. Rhea hits the ring; Kai takes out Ripley and Kai takes down Shirai. Kai makes the tag to Raquel, who hoists the champ up over her shoulders. Kai comes in and hits a running jump kick to Shirai's face. Raquel covers but only gets a two. Raquel, frustrated, attempts to pull up Io but Io kicks her in the face. Io makes it to her corner and tags Rhea but the ref didn't see it! The ref fources Rhea back out the ring! As Io is worked over in the corner by the two heels and the ref is distracted, Mercedes Martinez comes up from behind and takes out Rhea! The ref didn't see that, either! Raquel hits a spinning powerslam on Io but only gets a two. Kai tags in and goes after Io, who escapes to her corner just as Rhea is returning to the apron! Rhea comes in and Kai tags in Raquel. Gonzalez immediately hits a running big boot then hits a massive one-handed chokeslam on Ripley, dropping the former champ and getting the pin for the win.
Your Winners, Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez!

After the Match

We get replays of the action, including seeing Mercedes Martinez pulled Rhea Ripley off the apron, causing Rhea to slam face-first into the stairs. We then see Kai and Gonzalez celebrating up the ramp as our show comes to an end.

In Closing

Well, you don't see that every day--Ripley completely womanhandled by anyone. That does it for tonight's program. Remember to say your vitamins, take your prayers, and stay safe out there, y'all. See you Friday night for Smackdown!

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