WWE SmackDown Results From OVO Hydro In Glasgow, Scotland (June 14, 2024)

The road to WWE Clash At The Castle: Scotland winds down tonight.

WWE SmackDown returns this evening at 8/7c on FOX with a taped show from the OVO Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland, which is the final "go-home show" for the highly-anticipated premium live event in the same venue on Saturday afternoon.

On tap for tonight's two-hour WWE on FOX blue brand prime time program is Nia Jax vs. Michin, Naomi vs. Chelsea Green, Grayson Waller Effect with #DIY’s Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano, Solo Sikoa vs. Kevin Owens, as well as appearances by Cody Rhodes and AJ Styles.

Featured below, courtesy of Jeremy Thomas and 411Mania.com, are complete results of the taped episode.


* We’re (not) LIVE in Glasgow as Corey Graves welcomes us to tonight’s show as they prepare for WWE Smackdown. Cody Rhodes and AJ Styles have arrived in the arena. And Kevin Owens has also arrived.

* Bayley is here to accompany Naomi for the opening match, and Chelsea Green is with Piper Niven. Chelsea says that Scotland’s hometown heroes have arrived and are very lucky because they get to see not one, but two crushing defeats this weekend. First, she’s going to beat Naomi, and then tomorrow Piper Niven crushes Bayley. And she says they’re about to become the new WWE Women’s Champion.


Circle and lockup to start, they jockey for position until Green gets a headlock. Naomi reverses, shot into the ropes and hits a shoulder tackle, then a Matrix dodge. Chelsea begs off and gets smacked. Naomi into the ropes, split legdrop for two. Irish whip and a dropkick sends Chelsea into the corner, Green out to the floor and Naomi dives after her, but Chelsea slaps her and then gets on the apron for a boot as we go to break.

Back from break, Chelsea has a headlock on. Naomi elbows out and hits a crossbody, but Chelsea counters with a dropkick. Chelsea sends Naomi into the corner and charges in, Naomi with a kick. Springboard roundhouse, Chelsea to the floor and Naomi with the dive. She rolls Chelsea in and goes up top, high crossbody for two.

Naomi up in the corner, but Chelsea pulls her down and goes up top. Missile dropkick, cover gets two. Another cover gets two and Chelsea is frustrated. Back suplex, Naomi lands on her feet. Naomi into the turnbuckles, Chelsea with a rollup and feet on the ropes. Bayley and Piper argue on the outside, Chelsea yells at Bayley and then goes for the Unprettier on Naomi — Naomi counters with a backstabber into a roll-up for three.

Winner: Naomi

* We get a recap of Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo attacking Apollo Crews.

* Baron Corbin is with Nick Aldis and thanks him for the opportunity to come to Smackdown. He went back to NXT and had a lot of issues he worked out. Legado walk in and mock Corbin, Nick says they’ll talk later. Aldis says that they’re lucky they’re in the building after last week and says they were fined, but next time that will be the least of their worries.

Santos says he doesn’t mind the fine and Apollo must be okay. Aldis says he’s cleared to compete and Santos says he’ll see how long that lasts. He tells Aldis to tell Apollo they’re facing off tonight.

* The Grayson Waller Effect is next as we head to break.

* We get a hype video for Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair.

* Grayson Waller and Austin Theory are here for the Grayson Waller Effect. Waller says what a warm welcome! Theory asks where the good plants are, and Waller says he couldn’t bring them because this place is so depressing that fake plants can’t grow. But it’s time for the show, and he welcomes out #DIY.

@DIY are out now! They look around the set and toss a sign and chair out of the ring. Waller says no wonder he had a small chair, because they act like children. Ciampa gets that what the one chair is for but they don’t play that game. He says this is the Grayson Waller Effect, and what does that make Austin, Waller’s secretary?

Waller says the show existed before their tag team and it’s too expensive to change the branding. He says they’re champions and mates, and that he’d take a bullet for Austin

Gargano asks if he’s sure about that, and says Theory willingly sacrificed himself for Waller last week? He has the footage, and Waller protests but it rolls. We see Gargano send Waller out of the ring and Gargano dives — Waller pulled Theory in the way.

Waller says it was AI and not real footage, and he’s not taking friendship advice from Ciampa. He says the footage didn’t show that he won the match. Ciampa says he loves the fake confidence, but that they’re not always in front of this Scotland crowd of crazy bastards, and they didn’t come here to see his stupid talk show; they came to see a fight. A fight for those tag titles, and they came to see it tonight.

Waller they think they’re going to defend the titles in a place like Glasgow? He sees what they’re trying to do; they’re drive a wedge between them. Gargano says Waller is right about one thing: #DIY are coming for the Tag Team Championships. But he says everyone here is sick of hearing from Waller; he wants to talk to Theory. Johnny says he’s known Austin a very long time, they go way back and he’s always believed in Austin. What’s more, he’s proud of what he Austin is done but he doesn’t need Waller.

Waller attacks Gargano and it’s a brawl! Waller knocks down Ciampa, Gargano goes for a superkick and takes the kick in his stead. Ciampa nails Waller with a running knee, and they take the titles and pose with them as Waller fumes.

* We get a recap of last week’s main event with The Bloodline laying out the Street Profits.

* The Profits and B-FAB approach KO in the back and say they have his back, because Owens has always had their back. Ford recalls how Owens was there when they won the tag titles the first time, and says they have a lot in common, but most of all they can’t stand The Bloodline and they have his back tonight.

* Waller and Theory are walking in the back, with Waller saying that’s what #DIY do and they aren’t good guys. Bayley and Naomi walk past them and talk about their momentums, as Blair Davenpoert says Naomi did it. “Feel the glow, right?” She walks off and Bayley thanks Naomi for having her back.

Chelsea says that come tomorrow that pretty piece of jewelry will be all theirs. And Piper comes out of nowhere to pounce them into the wall! She says they’ll see them tomorrow.


Crews attacks Santos at the bell with forearm strikes into the corner and an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Santos escapes to the floor, Crews follows and rolls him in but Santos takes over with a kick. Chop to Apollo, Irish whip reversed and Apollo charges in but is put on the apron.

Crews nails Santos, Angel and Humberto cause the distraction and Santos knocks Crews to the floor. He picks Apollo up and drops him onto the apron. Kicks to Apollo. And here comes Corbin! He beats down Angel and Humberto, Apollo grabs Santos on the inside for a press slam and standing moonsault for two, and we’re on break.

Back from break as Santos nails a running shoulder to Apollo in the corner. Kick to the head, slingshot senton for two. Santos stars to kick Apollo apart with a kick, tilt-a-whirl back breaker and right into an arm and chinbar. Apollo escapes via an armdrag, back heel kick and a running boot in the corner. Big splash and clotheslines, German suplex and another. Santos elbows out of the third one but Apollo with a clothesline and Samoan drop for a nearfall.

Crews climbs to the top, but Santos with a kick to cut him short. Superplex by Santos, blocked by Apollo, he knocks Santos to the mat and goes for a crossbody but Santos with a knee to the gut. They trade shots in the ring, Santos takes over before Apollo with a big kick and DVD for two.

Angel & Humberto are back and they attack Corbin. Corbin lays them out, but Elektra pushes Apollo off the top and Escobar with the roll-up.

Winner: Santos Escobar

* A hype package promotes the Cody Rhodes vs. AJ Styles match.

* Cody Rhodes WALKS backstage.

* Andrade, Cedric Alexander, Ashante Thee Adonis, and Pretty Deadly are all watching from the audience as Cody Rhodes is here! Cody comes out to the ring and asks, “So Glasgow, what do you want to talk about?” He says a few weeks ago, he actually thought that AJ Styles would be retiring. No one in the ring wants to be that guy, the guy who overstays his welcome, the guy who needs just one more match or one more run. Unfortunately, he says, AJ is starting to look like that guy.

The crowd chants Cody’s name and he pauses to let them do so. He says AJ Styles has been given the task, the impossible task of making him say the words —

And here comes AJ. Styles and The OC come out, and AJ says that Cody is really worked up about this. He says it’s funny that it was really that easy to get you worked up. All he had to do was claim he was going to retire, and Cody lost his cool.

Cody asks AJ why he’s keeping so far away? He thought they were supposed to have a conversation. He tells AJ leave “Horace and Jasper” behind and come into the ring. AJ tells The OC to go and walks to the ring, saying that if Cody wants to talk man to man, he needs to remind him “and these stupid idiots who won’t shut up” — (The decibel meeter is quite high) that they are nothing alike. He says he needs to remind Cody and everyone else it took him 17 years to get to WWE. He says no one wants the truth, but the truth is they welcomed Cody with open arms and couldn’t wait to make him a star. And when it got tough, Cody quit WWE. He says Cody also quit New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor. And this man helped start up a company and quit it too. He says COdy needs to face it; he can’t handle the pressure. What’s that saying? When the going gets tough, Cody Rhodes gets going.

Cody says AJ is right; he’s made some big decisions in his career. He walked away from WWE. He walked away from New Japan, he walked away from Ring of Honor. His buddies and him started something else and he walked away from that. The truth is, he has never been afraid to walk away to chase something greater. He did not quit; he bet on himself that he was something more. He gambled on himself and he was right. If he quit, he wouldn’t standing her holding the North Star of WWE, the most important title in the entire game. He would not be standing here the WWE Champion! He says he idolized AJ who did things the right way. And if anyone quit, AJ quit on himself. Because he had to pretend to be Mark Henry to get a title shot. He says the Phenomenal One has become a resentful coward and it’s a bitter pill to swallow, but he has no problem shoving the pill down AJ’s throat and making him say “I QUIT!”

AJ says it’s natural for Cody to say “I Quit,” But he can’t quit being phenomenal. AJ says his family would rather have him stay at home, and would like him to give all this up. They are tired of him putting his body on the line every night, but he’ll tell Cody and the WWE Universe the same thing he told them: he is done when he says he is done.

AJ Says it won’t be easy; he saw him Hell in a Cell against Seth Rollins with a torn pec and he didn’t quit. But he won’t be in the ring with Seth Rollins; he’ll be in the ring with AJ Styles and he’ll do whatever it takes to get that championship. If he has to beat Cody to a bloody pulp, tear him to pieces or do whatever it takes to make saying “I Quit” to be a gift, he’ll do it.

* Cathy Kelley asks with The Street Profits and B-Fab about putting themselves in the Bloodline’s business by helping Owens. B-Fab says they’re not about to let the Bloodline — and Tama and Tonga attack the Profits! Aldis and officials break it up, Aldis tells Solo to get his people in order. Owens shows up and is pissed.

* Zoey Stark and Shayna Baszler vignette. Shayna tomorrow at Clash will be simple. Zoey says that Bianca & Jade, Alba and Isla will experience pure dominance when they step in the ring with two of the most heartless fighters in WWE. Shayna says they they don’t care who it is, they’ll tear anyone apart limb from limb and tomorrow they become the new Women’s Tag Champions.

* Tiffany is at commentary for the next match.


Michin on the attack at the bell with chops and kicks, but Nia with a forearm. Michin hits shoulders in the corner but gets shoved out, Nia picks her up and she slides down the back. Dropkick by Michin to the knees, kick to the head. Eat Defeat and Nia goes out of the ring.

Michin follows to the floor and Tiff gets involved, throwing water in Michin’s face. Michin tosses Tiffany over the table and gets in the ring, Jax runs her over and hits the Annihilator for three.

Winner: Nia Jax

* Jackie catches Owens coming out of medical ans asks about the Profits. KO says they won’t have his back after all but he’s fought the Bootleg Bloodline before and will do it again.

* We get a quick look at the Kickoff Event, then a reminder that Logan Paul attended the Tetris World Championship. Paul says that he did not come home with the in and got beat by 14 year-olds. He likes to experiment but now he’s gonna do what he does best and beat every WWE superstar.

* Earler today, Paul returned home and one of his guys said his boy from LA is here at the pool. He walks out to see that LA Knight is in the pool with a drink. Paul asks how he got in here and LA takes a call, then stands up and says he has to go. He says he was just trying to have a good time and will see Paul in Chicago next week — bring the title!

* Carmelo Hayes is in his suite and asks for the spotlight. He asks what the hell he just wanted and says “Are you telling me that LA Knight flew all the way to Puerto Rico — which is way more beautiful that Glasgow — to play in Logan’s pool and deliver that weak-ass Aladdin line? He says LA thought he cooked but it was medium-rare trash like him. He says some dudes will do anything for clout, but he doesn’t chase opportunities, opportunities chase him. Hayes says he has a MITB qualifier next week and he’ll never have to beg like LA does. And when he wins, he won’t just be HIM, he’ll be a step closer to being Melo in the Bank.

* Solo is walking with Tama and Tonga backstage. Aldis stops him and says that based on what he just saw, Tama and Tonga are barred from ringside and if they show up, they’re all suspended. Best of luck, Mr. Head of the Teable.

Paul Heyman says to accept the counsel that he’s on his own against Kevin Owens and if he loses the match, he loses his leadership position against guys who don’t respect leadership. Solo says the Wiseman is wrong: if he loses, he’s coming after him.

* Jackie welcomes Alba and Isla out to the entranceway and asks about their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match. Alba says that tomorrow they will make history in Glasgow, Scotland. Isla says do you really think they came all the way home just to come home? No one can stop them because they’ll become the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions at Clash of the Castle.

* They run down the card for tomorrow’s PPV.


Owens starts of with punches right out of the gate and Solo escapes to the floor — but Owens chases after and batters him there. Solo sent into the commentary table and beaten around, but Solo gets an uppercut and puts Owens in the ring. He comes in but KO sends him over the top to the floor and hits a running clothesline! Splash off the top onto Solo as we go to break.

Back from break and Owens with an Irish whip and clothesline. He goes for a cannoball but Solo bails to the outside. KO reaches after him but gets hung on the top rope, then pulled outside and thrown into the steps. Sikoa slams KO into the steps and rolls in to break the count.

KO back in and gets headbutted by Solo, who tells him to stay down. KO up though and fights his way through, he gets sent into the ropes and knocked down for one. Solo batters KO down in the corner, goes for a running hip attack and nails it. Second charge in, but KO moves and hits a DDT!

Both men slow to get up, Owens takes over on Solo and beats him against the ropes for four. Owens with off the ropes with a kick and clothesline, another strike but Solo won’t go down. They go into the ropes and collide, KO takes over! Owens up top but Solo cuts him off and climbs up for a superplex. Owens fights back, elbow to the head and a Tornado DDT for a nearfall.

KO up now, he kicks but Solo catches it and hits a Samoan drop for a two-plus. He goes for a uranage, Owens elbows out. Solo with a superkick, KO fires back with three superkicks and then a cannonball in the corner! Up top, Swanton! That gets a nearfall.

Solo out on the apron, Owens follows and goes for a powerbomb but Solo counters into a backdrop and both men on the floor as he go to break.

Back from break, both men on the top turnbuckle. Solo goes for a superplex that gets blocked, headbutts and punches knocks Solo down. Frog splash for two-plus. Solo blocks a Stunner and hits a uranage for two-plus, a second uranage gets two-plus-plus. Solo frustrated now, he charges but eats a superkick and then a second! Swanton by Owens, Solo gets the knees up.

Solo with the Spike, KO ducks it — STUNNER! Cover but Heyman puts Solo’s foot on the ropes. KO pushes Heyman back into the barricade and clears the table, but Solo for the rescue. Samoan Spike, Solo gets Owens in the ring and gets a second for three.

Winner: Solo Sikoa

Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa are out right after the bell and beat down Owens. They set up for the Samoan Spike and Bomb —

RANDY ORTON IS HERE! Orton beats down Tonga and then drops Tonga on the barricade. Solo nails Orton, sends him in the ring, but Orton with the Hangman’s DDT! He lies in wait, Tonga moves in but eats the RKO and Solo bails.

KO and Orton pose in the ring.

And with that, we’re done for the night!